Jupiter 3- First Launch Attempt Of The World’s Largest Communications Satellite


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Jupiter 3, the world’s largest communications satellite, was launched into space this Saturday (29), around 00:04 am, from a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket in Florida, in the United States.

The size of this satellite is approximately the size of a school bus. In space, it will be the length of a ten-story building, with 14 solar panels. Through Wi-Fi internet on board, mobile phone connectivity, and air and sea mobility deployments, it will support consumers and businesses alike.

This Hughes-Maxar product will be ready for 5G technology, connecting consumers in the Americas. There will be more than 35 thousand kilometers between it and the Earth.

The Jupiter 3 satellite will have more connection capacity than the two other satellites in this series combined. Jupiter 1, launched in 2012, has 120 gigabits per second (gbps); and Jupiter 2, launched in 2016, has 200 gigabits per second (gbps).

Some interesting facts about Jupiter 3:

  • Spectrum: Ka-band, plus Q and V band for gateways
  • Coverage: North America and South America
  • Speed: Up to 100 Mbps
  • Capacity: More than 500Gbps
  • Compressed Size: Approximately the size of a school bus (7.9 meters)
  • Deployed Size: Solar panels span 10 floors (38 meters)
  • Solar panels: 14
  • Position: 95° west longitude
  • Distance: 35,888 km above the Earth
  • Manufacturer: Maxar
  • Service sectors: consumers, small businesses, companies, governments, service providers, and air and maritime mobility.


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