Why Kaitlyn Lowry Changes Her Baby’s Surname To Creed Romello Lowry


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Teen mom 2 actresses Kaitlyn Lowry changes her baby’s surname again. According to the sources, the reason for this surname change is her toxic relationship with her ex-husband Chris Lopez. It is not the first time Romello Creed Lopez comes in highlight because of her mother, Kaitlyn Lowry.

The actress has shared many pictures of her kids on her Instagram handle. If you want to know more about the reason for this surname change, keep reading. In this article, we will go in-depth and discuss the relationship between Kaitlyn Lowry and her husband, Chris Lopez, and why she changed her baby Creed Romello Lowry’s surname.

Why She Changed The Baby’s Surname?

According to some fans, the reason for this latest surname change is because of her toxic relationship with the baby’s father. It is evident that Chris Lopez, the baby’s father was not around most of the time during her pregnancy and was an absentee dad to both of their children.

She even gave her surname to their firstborn and named her Lux Lowry. But, she decided to give his father a second chance and surnamed their second-born Romello Creed Lopez. Soon she regretted it and changed it to CreedLlowry.

Kaitlyn Lowry made the revelation in an Instagram comment when a fan asked Creed’s full name. The actresses replied it’s Creed Romello Lowry now. The comment was made on Jan 2, next to a photo of Creed looking absolutely adorable.

Who Is Creed’s Dad

Around this time, she announced her first pregnancy with Chris Lopez. According to some fans, they are both co-parenting their 3 children, Lux, Creed, and Trew now and have a complicated relationship with each other.

Creed Romello Lowry’s father Chris Lopez has many jobs other than being a builder. He has launched 2 podcasts, one named “Everybody Hates to Hope” and the other named “PTSD (Pressure Talks with Single Dads)”.

This platform has helped him express his take on the ongoing drama and also helped him build a place for himself in the industry.

Her Relationship With Romello Creed Lopez’s Father

Kaitlyn Lowry has a complicated relationship with Creed Romello Lowry’s father, Chris Lopez. Their relationship began to go downhill when they had their first son together. In 2019, the actress confirmed that everything was fine between them and that both are happy together. She also hinted at wedding plans, fans were waiting for a grand wedding that year.

Later that year, Creed Romello Lowry’s mother, Kaitlyn Lowry revealed that the couple hardly speak with each other and are not co-parenting their children anymore. In February 2020, the teen mom actress announced that she was pregnant and the father of the baby was Chris Lopez. The couple welcomed their son, Creed Lopez, together, and Creed was given his father’s last name.

Lately, their relationship has grown more toxic than before and Kaitlyn has decided to change her baby’s surname to Creed Romello Lowry

Key Points

  • The couple started dating in college and after their first baby together, their relationship took a 360-degree turn.
  • She and the father of the baby has a complicated relationship, it is because of their toxic relationship that she has changed the surname of her baby.
  • Teen mom actress has changed her baby’s surname again to Creed Romello Lowry.
  • Katilyn Lowry and Chris Lopez have 3 sons Lux, Creed, and Trew.
  • Many fans have speculated that the reason for this surname change is Chris Lopez’s lack of support and care for her on-and-off girlfriend.

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