Where to Watch Joel Osteen’s Sermons?


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Everyone needs to know what’s happening worldwide in today’s information age. Joel Osteen is one of the most popular celebrities in both categories. More than 10 million people see his monthly television broadcasts of motivational messages. More than 60 million people worldwide follow Joel Osteen and listen to his sermons online.

Who is Joel Osteen?

Joel is a popular American televangelist, author, and preacher. People all across the world have praised his sermons. Moreover, he has written several New York Times bestsellers in the United States. Osteen’s primary source of income comes from his role as a well-known preacher who delivers sermons to multiple congregations, including his own Lakewood Church. Joel Osteen makes more than $10 million every year. Let’s look at where you may catch Joel Osteen’s sermons online.

The Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, was founded by Joel Osteen’s father, the Reverend John Osteen. With the loss of his father, he decided to enter the ministry. The congregation expanded to 43,000 people thanks to Osteen’s effective preaching. Also, he relocated the church to the Compaq Center and rebuilt it to accommodate a larger congregation.

His Lakewood Church TV show is seen by millions every week. In 2006, he was named one of Barbara Walters’ 100 most fascinating individuals. His books “Your Best Life” and “Become a Better You” are bestsellers. In addition, he made guest appearances on shows including The Star and Words of Art.

Why Do People Watch His Sermons?

Anyone can watch Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church’s Sunday service online at 7 p.m. Both the Internet and Trinity Broadcasting Network carry this service. Joel Osteen gives a sermon during which he expounds on the Bible and encourages the congregation to have confidence in God. He also imparts wisdom on how to live a happier and more successful life.

Usually, a short film outlining the sermon’s theme is shown to set the tone for the service. Following that, there is an opportunity for attendees to praise God with live music and congregational singing. Afterwards, Joel Osteen gives a sermon, and several audience members offer encouragement. Everyone, including special guests, can get onstage and tell their story. In addition, all in attendance will have the opportunity to pray and seek divine direction after the service.

2023 Streaming Options

Joel’s radio show, Joel Osteen Radio, airs nonstop on SiriusXM channel 128. His sermons are available for viewing on his website, joelosteen.com.

You may also find Joel’s motivational videos on Roku. Joel Osteen’s daily sermons on religion and spirituality are now available on Apple Podcasts Preview. In addition, Joel Osteen’s daily podcasts can be listened to on the move via Spotify. Joel Osteen’s sermons are also available for streaming on iHeartRadio and iTunes.

The broadcasts of Joel and Victoria’s uplifting sermons are available on various channels. There are several Christian television networks available. Some examples include DAYSTAR, FOX BUSINESS, TBN UK, and many more. Joel Osteen is available on all major streaming platforms, including Prime Video, Disney+, and Paramount+. Also, you can see his sermons on DirecTV and sermons-online.org. Streaming of Lakewood Church is also available on fuboTV.

Watch Sermons on Social Media Accounts

Millions have viewed Joel Osteen’s sermons on YouTube. Joel Osteen claims he teaches biblical principles in his sermons, emphasising love and optimism. On Instagram, Joel Osteen shares uplifting quotes, excerpts from his sermons, and even some personal photos. His social media contributions have been viewed and liked by millions of people. Undoubtedly, the number of devoted followers is enormous and rapidly growing.


You may get encouragement and motivation from Joel Osteen Ministries anytime, anyplace, seven days a week. According to Joel Osteen, “God is a rewarder of the people who seek after Him,” and the congregation “believes that God has something special just for you” in every sermon they hear.

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