What Does Wsg Mean On Snapchat, Tik Tok, Discord, And Other Text Messages?


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WSG is a short conversational language that has been everywhere on Snapchat for quite some time. It is also one of the most seasoned languages ​​used in recent times and has been quite popular for quite some time.

It is also commonly used in this sense on Snapchat. Used to start a chat between 2 people. It’s substituted for What’s Up and How’s it going, focusing on ideas for a specific activity.

What does WSG mean on TikTok?

WSG in TikTok means What’s Good. The short form WSG is usually used to start a conversation with friends. It is very similar to various slang languages ​​such as What’s Up or How are You Doing?

The use of WSG is so common on Tiktok that many use the hashtag #WSG to promote their videos. If you look at TikTok, the video clips associated with #WSG have over a million views.

WSG is the latest abbreviation that is quite popularly used on TikTok and other social media platforms. These are used more these days because it is an easy-to-use text language and also save time when TikTok users want to use multiple hashtags in their captions.

What does WSG mean in a text message?

WSG is just the same as when we use LOL or OMG in text messages. In text messages, WSG stands for Weird Strange Girl or WITH SPECIAL GUEST.

How to respond to ‘WSG?’ mean on Discord?

“WSG” – often sent as “wsg” – i.e. “What’s Good” or “What’s Up?” in lowercase.

Friends and those who are meeting for the first time – in some cases – send snaps to get acquainted or ask how someone is doing. You can send “WSG “ with the question mark itself on Discord.

You can also send a shortcut along with the full question. For example, you can send these: “WSG? How was your shift at work today?” etc. Questions help clarify your meanings, especially when chatting with a new friend.

You can also send the abbreviation “WSG ” as a flirty and smooth way to address your Discord crush. It’s an excellent way to ‘take the temperature of your crush’, i.e., whether or not they are interested.

Therefore, when you come across words like, “WSG, hun? Should we hook up at the circus tonight?” or “ WSG honey! You look gorgeous in that WhatsApp picture!”

How do you use ‘WSG’?

You can use ‘WSG’ just as you would in a face-to-face conversation or on the phone, except that you will say the words completely while conveying the meaning to the other party.

Use “WSG” to ask somebody how they are doing

This is the most common way to use “WSG”. You can send the abbreviation ‘WSG’ to your friend or family by adding a question mark at the end.

“WSG” with a question mark means you’re asking about them and want to know how they’re doing.

Use ‘WSG’ in a flirty way

You can also use ‘WSG’ for healthy flirting with your crush. It’s a good way to ask them and take their temperature. For example;

‘WSG’ Cutie, how was your day?

Are you going to Lonnie’s today?

How to respond to ‘WSG?’

Tell them about your day

When someone sends you ‘WSG’ with a question mark, it means they want to know about you; how are you?

Since we normally answer the question how are you, you can answer with the same answer. Like, I’m fine and tell them how your day was or what you’re doing.

“Nothing is going well.

“My day was very hectic today.

If someone is flirtatious, either lean into it or avoid them

If someone is flirting with you using a shortcut, you can lean into it. You can enjoy and extend the conversation with any wink or naughty emoticon.

And if you are not interested in that person, you can avoid any excuses and turn them off.

Any alternative meaning of ‘WSG’?

Apart from being a conversation starter or what’s good, this acronym has other meanings.

  • With a special guest
  • Wrestling sports and games
  • Wireless subscriber gateway

Frequently asked questions

What does WGS mean?

‘WSG’ stands for “what is good?”.

What does WSG mean in the game?

“WSG” stands for “what’s good?” in the game as well.

Is “WSG” offensive?

“WSG” is not offensive if you use it as a conversation starter. But since its use is limited to casual settings, keep it that way. It would be unprofessional to use it in formal conversations.

How do you respond to ‘WSG?’

Tell them about your day

When someone sends you ‘WSG’ with a question mark, it means they want to know about you; how are you?

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