What Does Bench Info Service Offer? Who Are Bench Sales Recruiters And Job Seekers?


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Search Professionals

We aim to strengthen your careers with lucrative opportunities across diverse organizations and assist businesses to grow by empowering them with the best talent. We’re doing all of it today as part of a larger team with bigger and more ambitious goals. We’ve placed everything for you.

Make a Career Advancement. It is now your turn.

Jobs that suit your potential serve as the foundation for a successful career. Do you know that Resumes, may not always land you excellent career opportunities matching your skillset? That’s right. Work with recruiters who are interested in learning more about you and your goals.

Bench Info provides you with career possibilities that match your potential assisting you in achieving your aspirations.

We at BenchInfo People, LLC deliver good perks to candidates, with the majority of them being available to both full-time and contract aspirants. We are dedicated to offering the best perks in the business. Reach out to our experts if you have any questions (phone number).

Best Professional Recruiting Firm

We assist you in hiring experienced professionals with certifications/degrees across multiple tech areas. Let us help you in getting the best talent and professionals across diverse tech roles.

Hire Programmers

ERP Consultants, Database Administrators, Web Programmers, PHP Programmers, Access Programmers, NET Developers, Java Developers, and a variety of other talents are among the services we offer.

Industry Expertise

For diverse IT positions, we consistently give the top IT talent. We realize how difficult it may be to locate top IT personnel to meet your shifting needs.

Resume Database

Acquire Licensed and Experienced Professionals in Any Skill and Technology from a pool of over a million top performers.

IT Project Management

We can oversee the full IT project for your business. Our resources can plan, develop, implement, and manage even the most sophisticated IT projects.

Government Services

Government projects are complicated. IT Partners who are at the forefront of an ever-changing world of technology are essential for agencies.

IT Staff Accession

For diverse IT positions, we consistently give the top IT talent. We realize how difficult it may be to locate top IT personnel to meet your shifting needs.

We believe that Employers should feel secure in their decisions. Our recruiters through their goal-oriented and innovative hiring are on the lookout for game-changers. We provide competent, experienced professionals to help your company grow. We know who your next great recruit will be because of our bespoke solutions, collaborative services, and in-depth market knowledge.

Receive Excellent Hiring Results Possible.

Human resources are the core of any business while BenchInfo assembles your dream team. The innovative consultative approach of BenchInfo aligns candidate skills, experience, personal qualities, and cultural fitment with your business goals and requirements.

We go to great lengths to find answers for you and to deliver right-fit talent with speed and accuracy. Our experienced team conducts rigorous research and employs smart human capital for you. We don’t believe in the concept of ‘good enough.’ Allow us to go above and beyond your expectations when it comes to hiring.

Our contract teams respond quickly to talent shortages caused by surges in workload, project deadlines, and changed company priorities. We tailor right-fit solutions with competent, in-demand, agile professionals, from interim executives to highly skilled specialists.

Direct hiring solution

It is our strength. Our recruiters have extensive experience in a variety of sectors, markets, and verticals. We provide long-term staffing results for mid-level to upper-level management positions. We are dedicated to providing direct hire options that are tailored to your roles and organization’s requirement.

What We Do

Effectively market your bench consultants and increase corporate collaboration to hire them. BenchInfo offers you comprehensive insight and control throughout the process, from reaching out to vendors and clients to keeping a check on the progress.

For Employers

Easy-to-use solution

We provide you with a complete ATS (Applicant Tracking System) solution to make recruiting easier. Through pipelines, AI-driven recommendations, job portal integration, and many other recruitment tools hiring candidates has never been as fun and as effective. Designed with simplicity in mind, you will be all set in less than 15 minutes.

Thousands of Free and Premium Job Posting Channels

BenchInfo will help you improve candidate applications by promoting your job openings on thousands of free and paid sites around the world. BenchInfo allows you to manage all of your job ad campaigns in one place while saving money under best BenchInfo’s preferential pricing.

Candidate Sourcing

Aspirants can be found through a variety of avenues, including Linkedin and other social media, job boards, your career website, applicant recommendation, resume import, and more.

AI Recommendation System

You won’t likely remember everything there is to know about each candidacy. You’ll always know who might be a good fit for the positions you’re looking for with BenchInfo’s recommendations.

We use all candidate data to build detailed scorecards, and we combine candidate and job data to make your hiring process easier with AI-driven recommendations.

Progressive Mobile App

BenchInfo is accessible from a computer, phone, or tablet, ensuring that you never miss an action. Download the cutting-edge Mobile App, log in to our recruitment tools, and work uninterrupted with the full range of BenchInfo features available at all times, no matter where you are. Learn how a robust recruitment SaaS may help you improve your hiring approach.

Customize or Link Your Career Page

Your company’s career website gives candidates their first impression. Create a job gateway that perfectly captures and displays your employer’s brand and company identity to maximize the number of applications you receive. You may link your career page to BenchInfo in a matter of seconds.

Candidate Onboarding & Placement Management

Every recruit or placement should be tracked and managed throughout their entire job experience, from the offer letter to onboarding and beyond. Use BenchInfo recruiting software to its best potential by customizing the onboarding steps to fit your procedure.

Support & Assistance

Our experts will assist you with data migration and any other requirements you may have. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat or email. In our documentation, you’ll find solutions to your questions.

For Candidates

Find Jobs

The Best Job-Search platform to find your dream job. It’s no longer necessary to sift through newspaper classifieds or limit yourself to desktop websites when seeking work. Instead, there are a variety of job-search apps that can keep you connected and on top of your job search even when you’re on the go.

Do you want to use Benchinfo to locate your ideal match? Here are the top employment applications that every job seeker should know about (in no particular order).

Resume Writing

Get a resume that will land you three times as many job interviews.

Make a CV for yourself with the help of experts in the area. Highlighting important skills will help employers find candidates. Take precautions to make a good first impression.

Interview Questions

Usually, job applicants stutter through interviews as though the questions are thrown at them out of nowhere. However, a lot of interview questions are to be expected. Do you need some advice on how to prepare for a job interview?

BenchInfo has got your back. Prepare for your interview by studying this list of common and often-asked interview questions and answers.


Q. How do I use BenchInfo.com?

Over a thousand job postings per day.

1. A job seeker. Sign up for Benchinfo. Add your skills and resume. Receive all relevant job postings by email.

2. Recruiter for Bench Sales. Sign up at BenchInfo.com. Add as many consultants as you like along with their expertise.

3. Employer. Sign up at BenchInfo.com. Post any number of free jobs.

Q. What sector does BenchInfo fall under?

BenchInfo works in HR & Staffing and Business Services.

Q. What is BenchInfo do?

Benchinfo is a US-based c2c job portal where recruiters for bench sales and job seekers may register, apply for opportunities, and receive requirements right to their inboxes. Employers can sign up and post free job listings.

Join Us in collaborative Growth

It’s that simple. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a career in contrast to a job. Through the practice of personal, consultative, and goal-oriented recruitment, we take pride in offering opportunities to progress in careers, impact lives, and improve on company’s performance by delivering the best talent.

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