What Is Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional Intelligence:

The capacity to identify, comprehend, and control one’s feelings as well as the capacity to comprehend and shape the emotions of others is known as emotional intelligence.

How to evaluate emotional intelligence?

To measure emotional intelligence levels, several tests have been created.

1. Test of self-report: Relies on the respondent’s answers or comments to assess their actions.

2. Ability test: Respondents take exams to gauge their situational perception, identification, understanding, and management skills.

Emotional Intelligence Characteristics

. Self-awareness

. Self-control

. Motivation

. Empathy

. Social skills

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Your understanding of your feelings and their causes indicates that you are self-aware.

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Self-regulation is a way to manage and modify your feelings to have a more constructive outcome.

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Motivation is the urge to carry out a task. It pertains to emotional intelligence because desires can encourage various feelings towards a particular object.

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Empathy enables you to recognize and comprehend the emotions of others, which may improve your ability to manage challenging circumstances at work.

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Social skills

Strong social skills help you communicate, listen, and settle conflicts more skillfully.

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Your ability to succeed in any position that involves interaction with others can be improved by learning more about emotional intelligence.

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