Top 10 Free Horror Movies on YouTube


The movie features in almost every list of the best scary movies. The movie revolves around the family and their haunted house.

The Mimic

The story is all about a stray animal whom the couple driving in the woods hit and put in the boot space of their car.

Night of the Living Dead

The movie has all the essential elements to make a super frightening horror movie.


It is yet another one of the spine-chilling psychological free horror movies that one must watch on YouTube.  The movie is about a group of friends who are on a boating trip.

The Black Hole

This movie brings a mixed bag of flavors to the audience. It’s an amalgamation of adventure, horror, drama, and action to give you the best entertainment dose during the weekend.

The movie brings a rollercoaster ride of horror, suspense, and thrill for the audience and keeps them on the edge of their seat for 1 hour and 27 minutes straight.

The Last Exorcism

Paranormal Activity

The movie revolves around a family which moves into a suburban home and starts getting disturbed by late-night scary things, monsters, and demons.

Train to Busan

This is also one of the spookiest movies that bring an amalgamation of horror, action, and thriller to the audiences.

Jeepers Creepers 2

The movie is about a basketball team’s bus that’s attacked by a deadly and scary creeper.

Child’s Play

The movie is about a doll that a mother gifts to her son without knowing that it has the soul of a serial and deadly killer inside.