Check Out  Phil Mickelson Biography

 Born in San Diego

On June 16, 1970, Philip Alfred Mickelson entered the world in San Diego.

Phil Mickelson’s Personal Life

An eminent American expert golf player, Phil Mickelson, sealed the deal with Amy Mickelson in November 1996.

Phil Mickelson Career

Mickelson received a full golf scholarship to Arizona State University, where he excelled quickly.

Phil Mickelson Achievements

After winning the tournament in Tucson, Arizona, in 1991, he didn’t have to wait until he finished college before becoming a professional on the PGA tour.

Phil Mickelson Earnings

Phil Mickelson has won over $100 million in tournaments throughout his career.


While acknowledging that the new league offered a big commercial opportunity over the PGA, Phil used an interview to criticize Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.

Phil Mickelson assets

Phil and Amy bought a house in La Jolla, California, for $1.65 million in 1999.