Bill Gurley’s Net Worth

Bill Gurley was born on May 10, 1966, and belonged to Dickenson, Texas.

 Born in Texas

 Bill Gurley’s Personal Life

Bill Gurley tied the wedding knot with Amy Gurley, who also worked as a general partner in Benchmark Capital.

Gurley’s Career of a Venture Capitalist

Before starting his career as a venture capitalist, Bill Gurley worked as a research analyst at Wall Street.

Career as an Engineer

Bill Gurley’s knowledge of analyzing tech companies comes from his experience working as a computer engineer.

Investment in Uber

In 2011, Gurley invested a total of $12 million in Uber. Today, he owns $8 billion of the Company’s stock net worth and also became one of its board of directors in 2017.

Personal Holder of Ethereum

Very few know this, but Bill Gurley was the personal holder of the cryptocurrency, Ethereum that acquired the second position in the market

Bill Gurley’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Bill Gurley’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 billion.