5 Horror Movies To Watch Out For In 2023

2023 promises many scares with franchise sequels and new stories. Check out the list of horror movies we prepared for you this year.


If a doll like Chucky scares many people, an ultra-tech robot scares even more. “M3GAN” tells the story of roboticist Gemma (Allison Williams), who creates toys using artificial intelligence.

Release     |   January 6, 2023   

Panic VI

Ghost Face Killer returns to theaters in 2023 after gaining some fresh air with the 2022 film.

Release     |   March 9, 2023   

The Nun 2

“The Nun 2” is the sequel to the 2018 spin-off and is set in the south of France in the late 1950s.

Release     |   September 8, 2023   

Winnie The Pooh:  Blood and Honey

This last one is the most “different” on the list. In 2022, the “Winnie the Pooh” gang have fallen into the public domain.

Release     |   February 13, 2023   

Saw 10

As the antagonist and creator of the games, John Kramer, or “Jigsaw”, will return to the plot. Scheduled to premiere in October this year, Saw 10 is a feature film from Lionsgate Studios.

Release     |  October 27 2023