10 Best Netflix Original Series

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The Crown

Starting the list this super-hit and popular series on Netflix by Peter Morgan. The show is all about wild-life of Queen Elizabeth II.


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The series is all about uplifting queer tales and shows the sweet romance between two characters Charlie and Nick.


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The Witcher

This is one of the popular Netflix original shows which is all about a Witcher who roams for and kills monsters.


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Squid Game

Squid Game is a South Korean drama where around 456 individuals are shown to compete to death while playing playground games. This is only to win $45.6 billion Korean won.


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This Netflix original series has been the favorite of many people and still winning the hearts of all. The show is all about a bored devil who expects more than just living in hell.


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Never Have I Ever

This one of the Netflix original shows is about teen drama where being 15 is not a very pleasant place.



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Stranger Things

No wonder this is one of the most popular Netflix original shows which is loved worldwide.

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This show undoubtedly makes its place in the list of best original shows on Netflix. The show is a luxurious and swoony adaption of various romance novels.


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The Queen’s Gambit

This limited series is known to be based on a real player. It takes place in the 1950s as well as the 60s, mainly focusing on a chess prodigy.


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This show has been a great success on Netflix. It is hard to believe that this show was canceled earlier before Netflix came in and renew the show.


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