Twitch bans Kai Cenat, the biggest streamer on the platform, for “violating the rules of coexistence”


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The most relevant streamer of 2023 in the United States and worldwide, Kai Cenat, has been banned from Twitch at a delicate moment for the platform, with the threat of Kick growing.

The content creator, who recently broke the record for most subscribers in a subathon, may be considering switching platforms, especially after being blocked for no apparent reason.

It was he himself, this past Monday, April 17, who broke the news on his social networks without further details about the penalty. On his page, he simply announces that he has “violated Twitch’s cohabitation rules”.

At the moment, many rumours that the reason for this punishment is a viral video from a few days ago in which Kai Cenat had a motorcycle in his own room and crashed it against the screen.

Streamer JinnyTTy was also banned for seven days for a similar performance, punishing her for “reckless driving.” If it has been deemed as the retransmission of a violent act, it could justify the penalty.

However, this obstacle for one of the most successful content creators may be the ultimate reason to decide to switch to Kick , the platform created by Stake and Trainwreck, without restrictions and with more pay that is convincing more and more streamers.

It’s no secret that Kick is trying to convince Kai Cenat to switch sides, and they’re certainly taking this opportunity to blast Twitch and point out that all they’ve done for Cenat since breaking the record is give him a pair of sneakers.

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