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WeTransfer is a service that facilitates the global transmission of files up to 2 GB. While the basic service is provided at no cost, a paid premium version is also offered. WeTransfer is a widely used service, although it has been blocked in various countries. Here is a compiled list of 7 excellent alternatives to WeTransfer in case you need such a service.

If you’re looking for a file transfer website, you can get much of what you need from the 7 alternatives to WeTransfer. All of the other options to WeTransfer on this list offer superior services, both free and paid.

WeTransfer has profoundly affected how people transmit files today, where information is paramount. You’ve found the ideal site if you’re trying to find an alternative to WeTransfer.

1. Firefox Mail

If you’re looking for an alternative to WeTransfer, we recommend Firefox send over all the others. The data you transmit and receive with Firefox Send is encrypted from beginning to end so that no third parties may access it.

Compared to its rival WeTransfer, Firefox Send can send files up to 500MB larger.

It’s even more secure than WeTransfer, which encrypts data in transit but not at rest because you can password-protect the files you need to transfer before sending them.


  • Firefox Send prioritizes safety by allowing the sender to restrict the number of times the recipient can download the message.
  • Transfer files up to 2.5GB in size Password-protect files These are just some of the features that make Firefox Send so helpful.
  • Ability to restrict downloads

WeTransfer requires customers to pay for the majority of its capabilities. When looking for alternatives to WeTransfer, Firefox Send is one of the most excellent options available. Unlike the other file-transfer apps on this list, none can match Firefox Send regarding security and end-to-end encryption.

2. Smash

Smash is an excellent alternative to WeTransfer if you need to send a large file. The company claims its service can handle transfers of up to 350GB in size, making it significantly more capable than wetransfer’s rivals.


  • It will take some time, but you can easily transmit a large file, even more, significant than 2 GB. You can send your file very quickly if you have a fast Internet connection.
  • You must upgrade to the premium plan if you need access to your data for more than 14 days.
  • Like WeTransfer, Smash’s straightforward UI makes sending and receiving files simple.

The free plan allows for a 350GB transfer and 14 days of file storage. Smash is the best option to WeTransfer if you need to send or receive files that are more than 350GB. The service is highly user-friendly, with a free tier that competes favorably with WeTransfer in terms of functionality.

3. Cloud Storage from Google

When Google releases a new service, everyone tries it out. If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to WeTransfer, go as far as Google Drive, one of the most popular Google Services.

Users can share files using a download link, which can be password locked for added safety. One of the most popular alternatives to WeTransfer, Google Drive, is continually updated with new features. Google Drive includes most of the extras that WeTransfer’s rivals charge extra.


  • Characteristics of 128-bit AES encryption in Google Drive
  • Premium options available to everyone
  • User-friendly design
  • The cloud can hold 15GB of data.
  • 15 GB of free cloud space

Google Drive includes many extras that rival file-transfer services like WeTransfer charge extra. File transfer is relatively safe, and users can add an extra layer of protection by adding a password. As everything is saved on the cloud, users can get their information anywhere globally.

4. One Drive

In the same way, Google Drive keeps information online, so does OneDrive. Dive provides its users with 5GB of free storage space. While OneDrive is among the most outstanding online storage options, transferring files can be time-consuming.

One Drive and Google Drive stand out as the finest alternatives to WeTransfer since they offer cloud storage and encrypted file sharing. The only problem with cloud storage services like One Drive and Google Drive is that users need to create an account before using the service.


  • OneDrive’s perks include 5 GB of cloud storage, encryption using the TLS protocol, and password protection for your files.
  • One Drive is the ideal option to WeTransfer if you need a file transfer service that also offers data storage.
  • OneDrive’s 5GB of free cloud storage is less than Google Drive’s 10GB but more than wetransfer’s 2GB.

5. DropBox

Dropbox, like Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive, is a cloud-based file-sharing service. While cloud storage remains Dropbox’s primary offering, the business just introduced a file-sharing option. The maximum file size that may be transferred is 100MB, significantly less than WeTransfers’ 2GB.

Users can feel safe knowing that the sender will receive feedback on how often their file has been opened. Dropbox users can email each other small files to collaborate on larger projects. Cloud storage space is likewise limited compared to rivals like Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.


  • Security for Sharing Information Online
  • Compared to the other services on our list, WeTransfer’s 100MB transfer limit is meager.

6. Send Anywhere

As compared to its main rival, WeTransfer, Send Anywhere allows customers to transfer files up to 10GB in size. Send Anywhere is an excellent alternative to WeTransfer because of its many valuable features.

The data is safe both while in transit and once it has been received. Users can send and receive files without logging in. A user account must share files with others via a shared link or email. Send Anywhere offers a free and premium plan with many more options.


  • Sent Anywhere’s Key Functions
  • Sending a 10GB file
  • Easily share large attachments online
  • Safe and sound file sharing

One of the top two choices among these alternatives to WeTransfer is SendAnywhere. Send Anywhere is a valuable program for transferring files without the need to form an account.

7. FileMail

If you’re looking for a paid alternative to WeTransfer, your sole option is Filemail. Like the other file transfer services on the list, the premium version includes all the features and benefits. File Mail is a service that charges $5 monthly and provides 100GB of storage and transfer for 30 days.

The one problem with Filemail is that it does not have a free version, even though it is incredibly secure with two-factor authentication.


  • Its two most significant drawbacks are the lack of a free plan and the fact that it is paid for.
  • Although it has some of the best features, Filemail is not free like other WeTransfer options.
  • Several of Wetransfer’s rivals on this list charge as little as $5 per month for their premium service.

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