Technology Trends For 2023


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The last few years have been transformative for technological innovation and digital transformation. And for years to come, the trend will continue as the pace of development of potentially disruptive emerging technologies increases exponentially each year. In this context, it is essential to stay informed about what technology promises for this year! Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to talk about technology trends for 2023!

What is expected from technology trends for 2023?

The coming year holds trends that should further boost the development of a booming market:

Web 3.0 –This is one of the main technology trends for 2023. In it, users have full control over their online activities. This means that people will have more privacy and autonomy in their actions on the network, in their data stores and even in their transactions.

Execution 4.0 in retail –The so-called “age of data”, in which practically everything about consumers’ lives can be mapped by companies through the internet, remains in focus and should continue to base the relationships between companies and customers.

Hybrid events –One of the legacies of the pandemic for the events sector was the emergence of so-called “hybrid events”, in which part of it is held live and part can be online, with content transmission and guest participation made over the internet.

5G –With each new technology implemented, the quality and speed of the signal improve (that’s why 4G is superior to 3G and so on). Data analysis is essential for the smooth functioning of companies and, with the arrival of 5G. The distribution of information from machines to the cloud will be optimized. In 2023, the 5G internet network will open doors and help reach digital maturity in industries and businesses in general.

For 2023, the goal is to expand access to 5G and make this hyperconnection possible. The simultaneous generation of data from processes and equipment, managed by cloud platforms, enables a lot of efficiency in management, which, naturally, promotes gains in global competitiveness.

Data security –Since the approval of the General Data Protection Law, many companies have expanded their policies and guidelines to ensure the security of customer information. A trend for 2023 is the improvement of products that help mitigate the risks of leaks.

Superapps –The so-called “super apps”, which offer different services within the same application, is identified as one of the ten main technology trends for 2023.

Cloud storage platforms –The term “cloud” refers to those platforms where information and data are stored somewhere on the internet (called “cloud”). Cloud platforms offer automatic updates, scalability and ease of incorporating new features, advantages that are increasingly needed by the fintech universe”.

Low-code and no-code –The terms are related to the development of applications (which can be applications for computers, mobile apps, websites, etc.), requiring little knowledge of programming (“low Code”) or even no knowledge (“ in the code”).

The adoption of platforms with ‘low-code’ resources will directly impact the development of new products, better experiences for customers and employees, and more value and revenue for companies.

Automation –Thinking about technology trends for 2023? The year will be marked by a significant acceleration in the use of automation and robotics.

Artificial intelligence –A brain-computer interface can read thoughts. With the emergence of all technologies comes the merging of how they can work together. Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the main catalysts involved in improving capabilities, especially in computing.

Remote and face-to-face work aligned with technology in 2023

The hybrid work model trend remains firm in 2023, implementing even more technological innovations. Remote work is increasingly being perfected and designed so that people can work together while remaining physically apart. As a result, the implementation of appropriate technology and equipment has become increasingly strong in the market, mainly computer rental and laptop rental.


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