Saudi Vellakka Unravelling the Plot and Review of Tharun Moorthy’s


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Cast and Crew of Saudi Vellakka

The main characters include Vincy Aloshious, Lukman Lukku, and Kumar Sethu. In the role of supporting characters, you’ll find Malayalam actres name such as Binu Pappu, Mallikarjun Devaramane, and Sujith Shanker. The score was composed by Palee Francis, the film’s music director. Tharun doubted his intended audience would see Saudi Vellakka in a recent interview.

Nishad Yusuf handles the editing, and Sharan Velayudhan oversees the cinematography. Following the massive success of the suspense film “Operation Java,” Tharun Moorthy’s upcoming film, “Saudi Vellakka,” marks his directorial debut.

‘Operation Java’ performers Binu Pappu and Lukman Avaran, among others, are featured prominently in ‘Saudi Vellakka. The film also has the acting of Sudha Koppa, Srindaa, and Devi Varma. Reports indicate that ‘Saudi Vellakka’ will be a financial success due to its blend of comedy, family drama, and many songs. The project is supported by the same production company responsible for the Fahadh Faasil film Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum.

Nishad Yusuf will oversee the editing process for “Saudi Vellakka,” Saran Velayudhan has been hired as the film’s cinematographer. The film’s score was composed by Paali Francis, and Vishnu Govind and Sree Sankar were responsible for the sound editing and mixing. In the case of “Saudi Vellakka,” director Tharun Moorthy also wrote the screenplay.

Lukman Lukku, Binu Pappu, Vincy Aloshious, and Sujith Shannker were the stars. Riah Sarah, Devi Varma, and Mallikarjun Devaramane all had minor roles. The film was written and directed by Tharun Moorthy.

Plot Summary

All of the Films The comedy that Saudi Vellaka. The producers have promised an entertaining drama, but they are keeping the plot a secret for now. Three lead characters were shown in one poster lined up while using the restroom. “All of the Films” is a Saudi comedy shrouded in secrecy regarding its plot, leaving the audience curious and anticipating. The producers have hinted that it will combine drama and entertainment, promising a unique and engaging experience.

However, the details of the story remain unknown. One poster for the film displays the three main characters standing in a line while using the restroom, which adds an intriguing and humorous element to the movie’s marketing. Despite the lack of information, the poster’s unconventional approach hints at a possible focus on exploring societal taboos and highlighting the absurdity of everyday life.

The audience is left to wonder what kind of story will unfold and what kind of humour and drama await in this upcoming Saudi Arabian film. Abhilash Sasidharan receives a summons to appear in court for a case from his past. Sending him on a journey of discovery and truth-seeking. As he delves into his childhood memories, he realizes that a seemingly insignificant conflict from his past has snowballed into a much larger and more complex issue that has affected the lives of everyone involved.

Abhilash becomes desperate to uncover the truth behind the events that led to the court summons, and his quest for answers takes him down a path of self-reflection and introspection. Along the way, he must confront the consequences of his actions and understand how his past has shaped his present.

Release date of Saudi Vellakka Film

The Malayalam actres name Saudi Vellakka film, is scheduled for a mid-2023 theatrical release. If not, this film may debut on an OTT service immediately. The film’s official OTT premiere took place on 6th January 2023.

Some directors may have preferred to do another version of their debut feature. Although his debut film, Operation Java, was the first major financial success for Kerala theatres after they reopened following the first wave of the pandemic, director Tharun Moorthy has yet to make plans to remake it for his second feature.

Saudi Vellakka eschews the hip, urban vibe of the former in favour of a more traditional, focus-on-the-performance narrative. Operation Java had great acting, but if you found it lacking in the feels, you may find Saudi Vellakka more than makes up for it. Both Tharun and the film’s cinematographer, Sharan Velayudhan, did a fantastic job of making the movie lovers feel the atmosphere of each location.

Review of Saudi Vellaka

The film’s opening scenes of mounting tension brought back memories of the director’s early work. Two families are under constant pressure as a result of unpleasant circumstances. Beginning in the present day, we encounter the tense mother (Remya Suresh, reprising her aggressive lady act from Padavettu) and daughter of a single family (Nilja K Baby).

Panic ensues when a police officer arrives at the door demanding to speak with Abhilash (Lukman), the lone male in the house. It’s related to a tricky case that can only be solved in stages. A tense incident from the past that has been building tension between people of various generations for decades is revealed in a flashback.

The situation in Saudi Vellakka exemplifies the damage that ingrained biases can do. Things become blown out of proportion, leaving no room for the other side (in this case, the elderly woman Aisha Ravuther) to apologize. Instead, she suffers horribly for twenty years because of her hasty action toward Abhilash. She’s not horrible, but it’s easy to form a false opinion based on appearances alone.

But if you have a neighbour who is always obnoxious and bigoted, you can find yourself in her shoes and make the same mistake. This film is about the importance of acting morally in a society where instantaneous decisions can have devastating consequences. Saudi Vellakka is Tharun’s way of making a bold statement against toxic cancel culture, which is the tendency of some people to assume the worst of others without investigating their motives or gaining a whole picture of the situation.

Why Is It Different From Other Movies?

Saudi Vellakka indeed goes where other movies like Driving Licence and Ayyappanum Koshiyum have gone before; the only difference is that this time it’s not the leads who are to blame but the people in their immediate vicinity. Aisha’s regret is ignored when she expresses it.

The more we see the film, the more we admire the woman because we realize how hard she worked. The repeated trips to and from courtrooms must be wearing on her, but she never misses a hearing. Pauly Valsan’s incredibly sensitive dubbing complements Devi Varma’s eloquent performance.

Sujith Sankar, who plays Aisha’s mild-mannered, progressively worsening son, was my biggest surprise. The performer is so effective at portraying emotional distress that there were times when I had to fight back the tears.

Saudi Vellakka has the best-supporting cast such as Nana Thaan Case Kodu, including Devi Varma, Sujith Sankar, Lukman, Binu Pappu, Remya Suresh, and Nilja K Baby.

There are a few moments of brilliantly written and performed humour in Saudi Vellakka, and they come at just the right times. An autorickshaw driver advising a lawyer (Sidhartha Siva) to clean up his appearance makes for a priceless cameo.

Tharun Moorthy follows the Mukundan Unni Associates of Abhinav Sunder Nayak. Tharun disproves that he is a one-hit-wonder with Saudi Vellakka, demonstrating that great content does not require major stars.


Where can you watch the movie?

The film will be available on an over-the-top (OTT) platform on 6th january 2023.

In which language will ‘Saudi Vellakka’ get released?

The Malayalam version of “Saudi Vellakka” has just come out.

What is the genre of the movie?

The category “Drama” best describes ‘Saudi Vellakka.

What is the cast of Saudi Vellaka?

Lukman Lukku, Gokulan, Binu Pappu, and Vincy Aloshious are some of the actors featured in ‘Saudi Vellakka.

Where can I watch the trailer for Saudi Vellaka?

You can watch the trailer on YouTube by clicking on this link.

What is Saudi Vellakka?

Saudi Vellakka is a comedy film produced in the Indian Malayalam language.


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