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There is no doubt about the fact that the beauty market is cluttered. There are many brands that are competing with each other in terms of many things. However, the one startup which has made its way into the beauty world and has proven itself within a short duration is Saie Beauty. This is a beauty startup which is known for its incredible beauty products made with high-performance formulas, amazing and sustainable packaging as well as practices.

The idea and execution of its products are very different from existing brands in the beauty world. Saie Beauty is known for its clean criteria for making products. Also, the products are made with clean ingredients which are safe for the skin and make the users feel nice about their skin. To know more about this beauty brand which is taking the beauty world by storm, then keep reading.

What Is Saie Beauty?

There are a few beauty brands which stay in the market and leave a mark on the minds and hearts of the users. Saie Beauty is one of those brands. This clean beauty brand came into existence in the year 2019 and is certainly new. It was founded by a health and lifestyle blogger and is based in New York. The startup is known for its dewy formulas, chic packaging, and products that will make you feel good about yourself. The formulas of the brand have skin-kind ingredients.

This beauty startup is essentially meant for people who are in love with natural-looking makeup or comfortable makeup which makes them feel natural. In other words, Saie Beauty is all about having a clean beauty brand on your shelves. The brand claims that every product is formulated by experts in the industry and is backed by various industry secrets. Also, the startup follows criteria involving conscious, luxurious, earth-minded, award-winning, as well as new makeup.

Who Is The Person Behind This Beauty Startup?

The person behind this amazing beauty startup is Laney Crowell. She has worked with a lot of brands in the leading beauty industry. Laney also has her clean beauty blog known by the name ‘The Moment’. However, while going through everything, she released that there was no clean makeup or skincare which doesn’t involve toxic ingredients and was simple to use and doesn’t break the bank of the users or buyers.

This is how Laney Crowell introduced her startup Saie Beauty which makes it easy for everyone to get hold of clean makeup. The founder and CEO of Saie Beauty has recently launched its new beauty collection which involves clean makeup.

Know About Saie Beauty’s Funding Details

This cosmetic startup involves clean beauty products which are made with zero toxic ingredients and have received amazing funding from Gwyneth Paltrow as well as Unilever. Over the years, Saie Beauty has received undisclosed funding or amount from G9 venture as well as three other investors in the year 2020. Also, it has raised an undisclosed amount from Blake Mycoskie as well as Alexa von Tobel.

Types Of Products Offered By Saie Beauty

The brand is known for offering different types of products on its official website which are mentioned below:

  • Face
  • Cheek
  • Lip
  • Eye
  • Bundles
  • Merch

Saie Products That Are Worth Splurging On

There are many clean makeup products offered by Saie that fall under their bestsellers category. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Slip Tint moisturizer for $36
  • Glowy Super skin foundation for $40
  • Dew Blush for $25
  • Mascara for $26
  • Sun Melt bronzer for $32
  • Airset setting powder for $30, etc.

Exciting Offers Provided By Saie Beauty

The startup also has amazing offers which will allow users to save some money:

  • Subscriptions – Subscribing with Saie Beauty will lead to 10% off and free shipping.
  • Refer a friend – Under this offer, users can enjoy giving $10 and get a $10 referral.
  • Free shipping – You can get free shipping on US orders above $30.
  • Saie Dew Crew rewards – This is a loyalty program where users can earn points on each dollar spent.


Saie Beauty is a beauty or cosmetic startup which is making its way into the hearts of people at a great pace. The company has a great range of makeup products and also offers Saie Vintage clothes or merch. The above-mentioned information about Saie Beauty will help you know about it better.

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