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The world is changing at a faster pace and artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world and businesses in an unimaginable way. There are many AI startups that are making their way up. One of the AI startups which is making its way in the business world is People.AI. This is a revenue intelligence platform that is known for helping teams fasten up their complex enterprise sale cycles. All of this is done by engaging the right kind of people in the best accounts.

The platform is also known for helping various teams in understanding the right ways to get the best deals and increase their sales. This revenue intelligence solution is built for enterprises and their long-term success.

Know About People.AI

There are a few platforms which can help the sales teams of different enterprises understand the right path to follow. The one platform which is gaining a lot of attention is People.AI. This company was founded in the year 2016 in San Francisco. This AI startup is a revenue intelligence platform that can help companies to speed up their growth, revenue, as well as innovation. Also, the platform can help with sales, marketing as well as customer teams to get hold of every revenue opportunity from potential customers.

The company is known for aiding its customers to capture the right kind of contacts, activity, and engagement, as well as drive the right and actionable insights from their revenue generation. People.AI has achieved $200 million in funding till now with a minimum $100 million in series D which was led by the famous Akkadian Ventures as well as Mubadala Capital ventures in the year 2021. Overall, this makes People.AI worth $1.1 billion.

Who Is The Man Behind People.AI?

The founder and CEO of People.AI is Oleg Rogynskyy. He was born in Ukraine and studies at Boston University. He was studying in the US when he started his initial company but didn’t succeed. However, People.AI, the company was founded in the year 2016 in San Francisco. It is an AI platform that is meant for enterprise revenue, managing sales, marketing, as well as success teams to achieve the best possible revenue opportunity.

Oleg had a successful business named Semantria. While building Semantria, Oleg released the challenges of sales productivity. This is how he started People.AI which is based on AI technology and is now a 300-person company that is going fast and involves triple-digit growth.

Know Everything About People.AI Products

The company is known for offering different products which can help companies convert data into the right and actionable insight, have an idea about their revenue, and know about the unprecedented look. The products offered by the company involve a demo as well where automated CRM data captures the planning, forecasting, etc. This will further help you have a clear picture of engagement and you can measure the sales activity and plan on having effective and strategic account plans.

Here are the products offered by People.AI:

  • Data Foundation – This will help the companies to take a path to pipeline creation as well as increase revenue by working with top-notch data on GTM activity.
  • Revenue Solutions – The revenue solutions product by People.AI is all about improving rep efficiency by working on end-to-end sales processes without leaving any company’s CRM.
  • People Glass – This is free of cost and companies can spend less effort as well as time working on Salesforce updates. People Glass will help them to be focused on activities that offer revenue.

Solutions Offered By People.AI In Different Fields

People.AI offers various solutions in different fields by the team as well as by industry. They are mentioned below:

  • Sales – It allows companies to not miss a revenue target again.
  • Revenue operations – This allows companies to deliver predictable growth in the entire GTM.
  • Enablement – This solution will help in turning the rep into a fast revenue generator.
  • Marketing – The marketing solution will help in understanding the marketing influence.
  • High Tech – This solution will help in beating the competition by knowing the best practices in the GTM org.
  • Life sciences – It will operationalize the sales cycle.
  • Manufacturing – This solution is meant to know the power of digital automation and transform the GTM engine.
  • Telecommunications – It offers AI insights into working space and gets complete connectivity.

Who Are The Strategic Partners Of People.AI?

People.AI have partnered with ISV as well as solution vendors to have the best-integrated solutions. Some of the strategic partners of People.AI are Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Zoom, Motiv, SMG, OpFocus, 6Sense, etc.


People.AI is a leading AI startup that is proving to be beneficial for various companies. It can be the best platform for companies to work on their growth, revenue, sales, etc. The complete information about this startup will help you understand it more and in a better way.

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