Raquel Welch’s Cause Of Death Revealed


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Raquel Welch (82), beauty icon of the 70s, died on February 15 of this year. Until now, it was not possible to know the reason for her death, but TMZ had access to the actress’s death certificate, which revealed: she had a cardiac arrest.

Raquel Welsh also suffered from Alzheimer’s, a fact that she hid from everyone until the end of her life. Welch was cremated two days after her death.

About the actress

Raquel Welch is regarded as one of the great sex symbols of cinema in the 1970s. According to the website TMZ, family members claimed that “she died as a result of a ‘brief illness’.”

Raquel became quite famous in 1966, when she played a character Cora Peterson, Dr. Duval in the movie “Fantastic Voyage”.

Welch entered the list of one hundred sexiest stars in the history of cinema made by “Empire” magazine in 1995. In 1979, she posed for Playboy, saying “no” to photos completely without clothes. This was also a requirement of the actress in relation to work in the cinema that she accepted.

In 1974, she won a Golden Globe for “Best Actress” for the film “The Three Musketeers”. In 2017, she played Celeste Birtch in “How To Be a Latin Lover”.

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