Meta Launches A New Monetization Program For Reels


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Meta begins rolling out a performance-based Facebook Reel monetization program. The template will then be adapted to Instagram.

Reels Monetized Based On Their Performance

Meta announced changes to its advertising model for Facebook Reels. The goal of its new program, currently in the testing phase, is to offer Reel creators a monetization system based on the performance of their content. Thus, it is now the success of the Reels that will define the level of remuneration and not the income from the advertisements which are broadcast there.

Many variables beyond creators’ control have traditionally influenced their advertising earnings, such as how many ads have already been served, who is viewing their content, or whether there is a relevant ad to serve that viewer. With a performance-based model, creators can focus on content that resonates with their audience.

Initially, creators’ earnings will thus be determined by the number of plays on their Reels, but Meta explains that other indicators could be integrated later. This is a major shift in the monetization model, which Meta sketched out when Reels came to Facebook a year ago.

The successor To Reels Play Bonus

In its press release, the parent company of Facebook invites all creators to join this test, including those who have participated in the Reels Play Bonus. This program, launched in 2021, aimed to compete with TikTok by offering creators a goal-based compensation system. In its early days, some creators received large sums of money, before gradually seeing their remuneration drop throughout 2022. Last March, Meta, therefore, announced the discontinuation of Reels Play Bonuses on Facebook and Instagram. One of its spokespersons, Paige Cohen, provided details to the media The Verge :

“We’re evolving our Reels Play bonus testing on Instagram and Facebook as we focus on investing in a suite of monetization solutions to help creators earn steady revenue streams.”

Who Can Be Part Of The Program?

To be able to access the test program, you will need to be invited by Facebook. Selected creators will receive a notification in their professional dashboard. They will then be required to go through an “onboarding process” consisting of filling in their payment information and accepting the terms of use. All creators participating in the test will automatically be added to the new compensation model.

This new program is initially launching on Facebook, but a similar system will be rolling out to Instagram in the coming weeks. In addition, Meta indicates that a performance-based payment model will soon be implemented for In-Stream Ads on Facebook.

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