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We recently had the chance to interview Nichita Daciana Almeida, CEO of Genoscope Trading LLC where she is also a shareholder. As a diplomat chemical engineer with a wide range of educational degrees, she has an expanse of knowledge and expertise. Let’s learn more about Nichita and her journey through this interview below.

The Journey In Brief

We wanted to learn more about her journey, early life, and educational background. We asked, “Tell us something about you, your early life, and your education.”

She shared, “My name is Nichita Daciana Almeida. I’m a diplomat chemical engineer with a Master’s in chemistry, a Master’s in European Public Space, and a Master’s in modern governance in central administration. Also, I’m the former ambassador of the Arab Business Club from Dubai in Romania.”

More About The Business

We were intrigued to learn about her business and its substantial presence in this field. So we asked, “Tell us about the business and its presence in the GCC.”

Mr. Radoslaw Czaplejewicz President
Mr. Radoslaw Czaplejewicz President

She shared, “Well, I have to start with the beginning of an amazing company called Genoscope, which was founded in Poland in 2011 by Mr. Radosław Czaplejewicz, who is also the President. Time brought us together, and we started to build Genoscope’s empire! This way, we became partners and founded Genoscope Dubai, where I’m the CEO.”

Future Plans For The Brand

Every business owner has specific goals and plans to execute the same. So we asked, “What are some of the growth and expansion plans you have in your pipeline?”

She shared, “Genoscope is the leading company in the market regarding the quality of the products based on bovine colostrum. For Genoscope, quality comes first, so to ensure the highest quality of raw material, Genoscope and the Institute of Research, Applied Sciences and New Technologies in Warsaw introduced the [GENO]COLOSTRUM quality mark.”

She further added, “It guarantees that the colostrum which products contain is completely safe and meets the highest quality standards. Owing to such parameterization, it is possible to ensure the highest quality and maximum use of this fantastic substance.”

Current Year For The Company

Every company faces some ups and downs during its course of functioning. We wanted to learn how this year was for Nichita and her company. We asked, “How has the year been for your company?”

She replied, “Genoscope’s year was amazing by extending the activity to more than 80 countries and appointing exclusive distributors in each country. Among these 80 countries, I have to mention that exclusive distributors cover all GCC countries, and Genoscope Dubai is taking care of coordination.”

Available Services Of The Business

We were interested to learn about the present services offered by her business. So we asked, “What does your business offer in the current competitive market?”

She shared, “Among our product portfolio (food supplements and serum creams), we are happy to say that we have a miracle cream called Diabetegen which can heal very fast, even diabetic wounds and old ulcerations. Our cream is used after surgeries, burns, or any other open wound. Due to different regulations in different countries, Diabetegen, classified as a dermo-cosmetic, was registered under other brand names belonging to Genoscope as Healderm or Colostruderm.

Building Strong Bonds With Employees

Having a great bond with employees ensures the progress and Success of any business. We asked, “What measures do you think employees and organizations can take to build effective teamwork and unity?”

Nichita shared, “Our business couldn’t be built without the contribution of all of us. Genoscope Poland and Genoscope Dubai, form Genoscope Family. We are like a puzzle; each piece is important to make the entire puzzle. For this reason, I can’t fail to remember Ph.D. Dr. Simona Carniciu, a specialist in diabetes and metabolic disease, Mr. Ahmed Darwish, Chairman of Genoscope Dubai, and Mrs. Anna Abażewska, the Office Manager-Genoscope Poland. Together we are the great team that makes things move on.”

Innovative Steps For The Brand

Tell us about the company’s focus and investment in research and innovation.”

She replied, “For the upcoming years, we plan to cover the majority of countries in the world, giving the chance of healing to all patients in need, especially those proposed for limb amputation. Genoscope is a reliable company that understands the needs of our partners, especially in the first years of cooperation! For us, all other business partners in different countries, we call Genoscope’s extended family.”

Advice To Beginners

Beginners opening their career path in this similar industry will find it helpful to hear from an expert like Nichita. So we asked, “Any tips for startups looking to get onto a similar pathway?”

She shared, “Success will come only in some conditions: work, work, work, and faith! Also, knowing how to pass over disappointments, frustrations, and failures is imperative. Michelle Cohen Corasanti said that “Success is not about Never falling but rising every time you fall.”

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