KSI’s Net Worth: A Comprehensive Guide To His Career


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Olajide William Olatunji, better known by his stage name KSI, is a British YouTuber, singer, boxer, and businessman. His films on FIFA and other games immediately attracted millions of views, and this is how he initially became famous. KSI has developed his career over the years, branching out into music with a number of top singles and albums and even boxing, where he has competed in high-profile fights against other YouTubers and celebrities. With a sizable fan following and a prosperous career spanning several sectors, KSI has amassed a respectable net worth. In this thorough guide, we’ll examine his career, sources of income, assets, and net worth in more detail. We’ll also look at the lessons we may draw from his accomplishment.

KSI’s Early Beginnings: Start in YouTube and Gaming:

In 2009, KSI started his YouTube career by streaming videos of himself playing video games like FIFA and others. He immediately amassed a sizable fan base because of his amusing comments and skills, and he rose to the position of one of the platform’s most well-liked players. He also began to produce comedic skits and rap videos, which helped him broaden his followings and achieve fame outside of the gaming industry.

As KSI’s following increased, he started working with other YouTubers and expanding his portfolio to include vlogs, challenges, and practical jokes. As a social activist, he also began to speak out against prejudice and promote mental health awareness using his platform.

The popularity of KSI on YouTube opened doors for him elsewhere as well. His self-published book, “KSI: I Am a Bellend,” went on to become a UK bestseller. He also began to look into career options in the music business, and in 2015, he released his debut single.

Diversifying His Portfolio: KSI’s Ventures in Music, Boxing, and More

Because of his success in gaming and on YouTube, KSI was able to investigate chances in other fields, and he has now expanded his business interests to include boxing, music, and more.

  • Music: KSI has put out numerous successful songs and albums, such as “Keep Up,” “Jump Around,” and “Dissimulation.” In addition to working with well-known musicians like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, he has also played in London’s O2 Arena.
  • Boxing: In 2018, KSI competed in an amateur boxing battle against fellow YouTuber Joe Weller, which received a lot of media attention. With millions of fans turning in to witness the game, the event was a big success. Later, in 2019 and 2021, KSI engaged in two professional boxing contests against Logan Paul, another YouTuber. The activities created a great deal of publicity and brought in a sizable sum of money for KSI.

KSI has also considered other business opportunities, such as starting his own line of products, serving as a brand ambassador for organizations like McDonald’s and AXE, and making investments in cryptocurrencies and real estate.

KSI’s Income Sources: How He Earns His Money and Builds His Net Worth

KSI has several sources of income, which have enabled him to increase his wealth. The following are some of the ways KSI makes money:

  • YouTube: KSI is most recognized for their YouTube channel, which as of 2021, had more than 23 million followers. He produces stuff like gaming videos, vlogs, and music videos that attract a lot of viewers and money from advertisements.
  • Music: KSI, another popular rapper, has put out a number of singles and albums. On platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, his music has gotten millions of streams. Additionally, he performs at events and goes on tours that help him increase his income.
  • Boxing: KSI has engaged in two prominent matches of boxing against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul. Both the first and second fights happened in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Both contests brought in a sizable sum of money.
  • Merchandise: KSI offers a range of stuff that features his brand and consists of apparel, accessories, and other items. His website sells his products, which considerably contributes to his income.
  • Acting: KSI has performed in a number of motion pictures and television programs, such as “Laid in America,” “Top Gear,” and “The Filthy Frank Show.” Additionally, he provided a character’s voice for the animated film “The Angry Birds Movie 2.”

KSI’s Net Worth 2023:

With more than 30 million followers and 2 billion views on his channel, KSI is a well-known figure on YouTube. He has also released two albums and one collaboration as a rapper, both of which have received positive reviews. His participation in films and television productions contributed to his fame on a global scale. KSI also owns a number of enterprises, which significantly boosts his net worth. KSI’s current net worth is $27 million.

KSI’s Net Worth 2022:

The estimated net worth of KSI was $25 million in 2022, a large portion of which has come through brand sponsorships, boxing competitions, and business endeavors/investments.

KSI’s Net Worth 2021:

The estimated net worth of KSI in 2021 was around $21 million.

KSI’s Investments: Properties, Businesses, and Financial Portfolio:

Through his investments in real estate, companies, and his financial portfolio, KSI has diversified his income sources and increased his net worth. He has made investments in a number of homes, including a lavish estate in Surrey, England, and a London flat. Additionally, KSI has made investments in companies, such as a UK-based esports organization and a cryptocurrency trading platform. Additionally, he has expressed an interest in helping new and small businesses. Additionally, KSI has investments in a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition to advancing his profession and securing his financial future via his investments, KSI has inspired his followers to gain knowledge of personal finance and investing.


There is no denying KSI’s influence in both the commercial and entertainment realms. From a YouTube content creator to a diversified businessman with prosperous businesses in music, boxing, and making investments, he has successfully made a move. He has accomplished milestones and broken records during his career, such as being the first YouTuber to reach no.2 on the UK Albums Chart. In addition to diversifying his sources of income, his investments in real estate, companies, and financial instruments have also given him financial stability.

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