Who is Jocko Willink’s Wife? Get the Sneak-Peek into Helen Willink’s Life


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Who is Jocko Willink’s wife? People often wonder who’s the wife of the famous retired Navy Seal Lieutenant commander. But don’t worry, today we are here to talk all about her.

Helen Willink, popularly known as the wife of Jocko Willink. She came under the spotlight because of her husband’s fame, who is a retired Navy Seal Lieutenant commander, and now a podcaster and author.

The two have been together for over two decades now and share a beautiful bond. She has been a constant supporter of her husband, especially during the tough times of his life, and is very loyal to him. Her husband Jocko refers to her as the ‘major stabilizing influence in his life.’ That’s why, we are here to discuss this lovely woman, or we say Jocko Willink’s wife, Helen Willink. So, without taking any longer, let’s get started with the article!

Full Name: Helen Louise Willink

Born: June 20th, 1970

Place of birth: England

Age: 53 years old

Nationality: British-American

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christianity

Height: 5 ft 6 in (167 cm)

Weight: 65 kg

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Jocko Willink

Children: Rana Willink, Thorson Willink, and Freja Willink

Profession: Flight Attendant and Entrepreneur

Who is Jocko Willink’s wife?

Jocko Willink’s wife is Helen Willink, whose full name is Helen Louise Willink, and is counted among the most celebrity wives. She gained popularity after her marriage to the very famous retired U.S. Navy SEAL Office, Jocko Willink, who has now become a podcaster and author. She prefers keeping her life private as very few know anything about her.

Helen Willink was born on June 20th, 1970. She is of British ethnicity as she was born in England.

She shares a beautiful bond with her husband, Jocko Willink and the couple together have four beautiful children.

Helen Willink’s husband Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink was a lieutenant commander in the US Navy Force and served 20 years with great dedication. After retiring from the Navy, Jocko directed his interest toward business and co-founded Echelon Front, which is a consulting firm, in partnership with his friend, Leif Babin. In addition to this, he also launched a Fitness training center and Victory MMA. He also started a podcast with his friend, Echo Charles. It soon got pretty popular with millions of followers and views on YouTube.

Jocko is also an established author and has published a handful of books. He also gained the title of New York Times Best Seller.

Helen Willink’s Professional Life

According to Jocko Willink, his wife, Helen Willink is a key figure behind his success. She, on the other hand, started her career working as a flight attendant. However, after having children, she prioritised raising her children and supporting the family and her husband’s entrepreneurial endeavours.

She has played a significant role in his husband’s career after retirement and continues to do so. Plus, Jocko frequently invites his wife to his podcast where Helen talks about her experiences as a businesswoman, a good partner, and a mother.

Jocko and Jocko Willink’s Wife’s Relationship

Jocko Willink’s wife, Helen Willink and Jocko met in Bahrain when he resided there for work and she was working as a flight attendant. The two were quite attracted to each other. The two tied wedding knots after some time and have been constant lovebirds since then. She has been a great supporter in his life. The two have four children, named Freja Willink (B.1999), Rana Willink (B. 2001), and Thorson Willink (B. 2002). And they had a fourth child, a daughter.

The couple prefers living a private life and has kept their private moments to themselves, away from the eyes of the media.

Jocko has often talked about his wife, Helen, and shared that it was her dedication and hard work that attracted him towards her. Jocko Willink’s wife, Helen has been one of the major stabilizing influences in his life.

Some Interesting Facts about Jocko willink’s Wife

As Helen is a private person so very few know this but, she is a big fitness enthusiast and is often seen working out at the gym. She prefers leading a private life, away from the influence of the media because of her husband’s profession.

She has always understood and appreciated her husband’s distinct sense of humor. Helen Willink truly has a great impact on this generation, as a devoted wife and mother of four.

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