James Robert Plemons: Everything about the celebrated son of the Breaking Bad Actor Jesse Plemons


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If the name James Robert Plemons catches your attention because of the surname it shares with the famous Breaking bad actor Jesse Plemons, then you’re correct. The name has been doing circles in the media and has captured much fan attention. James Robert Plemons is another star kid who has already become the apple of the eye of the media even though currently he is only one. This was bound to happen owing to the star status of both the parents of James. James Robert Plemons is the son of the famous American actor Jesse Lon Plemons who has been hitting the headlines to fame for his recent role in Breaking bad and the spider-man fame American model, actress, and singer Kristen Caroline Dunst.

Being born to star parents, James Robert Plemons must be living a lavish life. He is the youngest in his family and gets much-deserved attention at home. The family has been captured together multiple times in the media which has intrigued a lot of fans. This is why in this blog of Lemony Blogs, we have brought you an insight into the life of James Robert Plemons and his parents.

James Robert Plemons Wiki

The star kid was born in 2021. The parents have not disclosed his exact birth date yet. Plemons has a Native American origin and belongs to Caucasian ethnic background. Both parents appreciate their private life and try to keep James away from the media as much as they can. So, not much detail about the kid is available at public disposal.

His Parents

James Robert Plemons is blessed with popular parents. Both Jesse Plemons and Kristen Caroline Dunst are respected and renowned faces of the American celebrity industry. The two first met each other on the set of Fargo in 2016 and started dating each other within a year after they met. While most of us recognize Jesse Plemons from the popular series Breaking Bad, his journey started he was 3 and a half years old. He was offered a commercial by the renowned company Coca-Cola. He started his struggle as an actor by auditioning for small roles and finally, his career took off in 1999-2000 when he go a role in Varsity Blues and All the Pretty Horses. He got his first prominent role in the movie Children on their birthdays. However, the actor got his much-needed breakthrough from his roles in Friday Night Lights, Fargo, and Breaking Bad.

Jame’s mother Kristen is also a big name in the American modeling, acting, and singing industry. She started her career as a Child fashion model for multiple TV commercials when she was only three years old. She got her first role as an actor in a movie called Oedipus by Woody Allens. Since it was a short film she did not gain much popularity from it. However, she got a breakthrough in a horror dram interview The vampire co starts Bradd Pitt and Tom Cruise. She finally gained the recognition she deserved in the industry after her role as Mary Jane Watson in Spiderman. Along with this, she has also been nominated for multiple awards like Academy Award, Primetime Emmy Award, and four Golden Globe Awards.

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