Is it Worth Working at Koopman Lumber and Hardware Company? It’s Retailer Rating And Its Perks.


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If you are someone who is looking for a job in the hardware retail sector then you are in luck. You would be glad to know that companies like Koopman are providing great opportunities where you can personally grow as an employer. In the present day, the job market has become quite huge and full of opportunities. Every sector is experiencing economic growth and employment. There are a lot of companies dealing with hardware retail, however, no company has perks like those of Koopman. Koopman Lumber and Hardware Company has been serving the needs of contractors and builders for more than 80 years now. This family-owned and New York-based business has a legacy of its own. It is a trusted company in the industry and has been a leading giant when it comes to innovation. It has won multiple awards which is proof of its legacy, experience, and excellence. Some of these awards are the ‘Dealer of the Year award by LBM Journal and ‘Best-family owned Business by Worcester Business Journal. These awards represent how trustworthy the company is for customers as well as employees. We are sure you must be excited to know more about this company. In this article, we have covered all the details and perks of this company. So, now it’s time to go through the details of Koopman in this article and know why it’s better than any other company.

What is a Retail Job?

Planning to join a retail company like Koopman but do not know the basics of a retail job? Anyway, to become a part of such companies you need to know what a retail job is. Therefore, retail jobs are for people who are interested in selling products and assisting customers. There are certain skills one must possess to become an expert in the field of retail jobs. These skills include communication skills, interpersonal skills, public relations, basic computer skills, etc.

Details About Koopman Lumber and Hardware Retailer Rating:

Before moving ahead with the retailer rating, let’s dig into the details of this company. Koopman is one of the oldest hardware companies that fulfill the hardware needs of the local communities of the US. Founded in 1939, it is an 84-year-old company. It is worth noting that Koopman loves to hire new graduates from Worcester State University. 25 percent of its employees are from that University. The nice environment, great staff members, and numerous opportunities for growth and development make it a great company to work for.

Despite the great competition in the hardware sector, it is worth noting that this company continues to hold its position for a long time. This company is not a very huge company, with only 100 employees. It is a private company and has managed to earn a revenue of 11 million USD.

Ranking of The company:

Talking of the ranking of the company, the company holds and continues to maintain a high rank despite a lot of competition. The company holds the 80th rank among the best hardware companies to work for, especially in Massachusetts. Besides this, the company holds the 2nd position among the best companies to work for in Whitinsville. The company also has its headquarters in Whitinsville.


Already told about the Ranking of the company, we should also talk about the demographics of the company. Talking about the working employees, there are 100 active employees in the company. 23 percent of these employees are females, while 77 percent of them are males. This company consists of 71 percent of white ethnicity. Second, comes the Hispanic, with 15 percent and 5 percent of Asian employees. The average earning of an employee here is 30k USD yearly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Koopman:

What is a retail job?

A retail job is a job that is mainly meant for people who are interested in selling products and assisting customers.

What is the ranking of Koopman?

Koopman ranks 80th among the best hardware companies to work for, especially in Massachusetts. Besides this, the company ranks 2nd among the best companies to work for in Whitinsville.

How many employees are there in Koopman?

Koopman is a small company, with only 100 employees.

What is the average earning of the company?

Koopman is a private company and has managed to earn a revenue of 11 million USD.


From the average rating and demographics of the company, we have concluded that the company holds a high rank with its headquarters in Whitinsville. Apart from that, the company has seven more offices throughout the US. In this article, we have tried and pieced together all the information about the Koopman company. In short, if you are looking for a great retail hardware job then there’s no better choice than Koopman. This company is a combination of a great environment, workspace, and opportunities.

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