Is Consumer Non-Durables the Right Career Path to Get High-Paying Jobs?


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There always comes a time when people face the dilemma of which is the right sector to go into so that they can get the highest-paying jobs. With changing times, people are changing as well, and due to this reason, everyone is looking to upgrade their salaries by initially entering into the highest-paying jobs and industries. A lot of industries or sectors hold the tendency to pay handsome salaries.

No wonder consumer non-durables is known to be one of those selective industries. The products which are made for the public are known to be consumer non-durables. If you are somebody who is confused about their career path but wants the highest paying job, then this field can be financially rewarding in terms of job opportunities. The consumer non-durables are always in demand which is why there are endless job opportunities which great salaries.

Know about consumer non-durable job

Before you get into the best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables, it is essential to know about consumer non-durables. The consumer non-durables business and goods are known to be a highly essential and constantly rising segment. This is the reason that the jobs of consumer non-durables are abundant as the business is always thriving.

Non-durables like food, beverages, gasoline, shoes, textiles, tobacco production, etc. are known to be subsectors of this industry. Also, the salaries can differ according to the sub-sector. But the majority of the consumers’ non-durable jobs pay high and offer amazing employee benefits. Depending on the knowledge, experience, and sub-sector, the income of the consumer non-durable employee is decided.

How to find the best consumer non-durable jobs?

There are certain ways that you can follow to find the best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables which are mentioned below:

  • Research the best nondurable companies – Finding various companies in this industry can be beneficial in understanding the culture as well as values of any organization. Also, you will be able to know more about employee benefits.
  • Check job boards – Reviewing job boards can be the best way to know the available positions in various consumer non-durable organizations. You can save the preferences as well as turn on the email notifications to know about job positions at the earliest.
  • Check company websites – To go through company websites as well as career pages you will get to know about available positions. This way you can also get the chance to email your resume to the company for any open positions.

What do the jobs of consumer non-durables pay?

If you are wondering what consumer non-durable jobs pay, then the salary range in this industry is known to be extensive. An average person working in consumer non-durables can expect it to be between $70,000- $87,000 each year. Also, it highly depends on the positions that you are going to seek within any company. Most companies can easily compensate the staff as they experience massive profits every year.

Best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables

Now that you are aware that consumer non-durable jobs pay handsomely and how to get one, it is time to dig into the best-paying jobs in this industry. Here are some of the paying jobs in consumer non-durables mentioned below:

  • Machine operators – The role in this job is to run the machine that is known to produce non-durables. It involves the individual setting up machines, checking the process of production, and ensuring that every product is up to the quality standards. The everyday tasks differ depending on the machine. However, it is all about troubleshooting problems and ensuring everything runs smoothly. There is no need for prior experience to be a machine operator.
  • Marketing managers – The person in this job is responsible for executing as well as developing marketing strategies. It involves creating ad campaigns, managing social media accounts, and a lot more. To be a marketing manager it is essential to be creative and work under pressure. Also, there is a requirement for a bachelor’s degree in any related field along with some experience
  • Quality control inspectors – They are highly responsible to inspect the products and ensure that quality standards are met. Also, this includes looking for any defects, testing the products, as well as writing reports. These are the inspectors who make sure that every product is safe and according to the expectations of the industry. Quality control inspectors can be called the main person behind the manufacturing process. However, it is essential to have a high school diploma to become a quality control inspector.
  • Oil rig workers – These workers are meant to look after the construction, maintenance, as well as repair of oil rigs. Also, there are other tasks involved like welding, working with heavy machinery, as well as painting. However, there is no requirement for a degree to be an oil rig worker but it is essential to get through the training program.
  • Chemical technician – The person involved in this job is responsible for mixing as well as testing chemicals. A chemical technician can also be responsible to maintain lab equipment as well as keep the records accurately. This is a great career path if you have a great interest in science or want to work in a lab without dealing with the pressure of being a scientist. However, it is important for every chemical technician to hold an associate’s degree in chemistry or a degree related to this field.


Consumer non-durables is the fastest-growing segment while other industries are known to be cutting jobs each year. But the non-durable industries are continuously thriving. No doubt, there are many high-paying jobs easily available in this industry. However, in some jobs, you do need to have some qualifications or training. The above-mentioned information about how to get jobs in consumer non-durables and the best job options can help you lead your way without any halt. Moreover, this is a lucrative career path with the highest paying jobs which won’t let you see any lows in your career.

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