Gary Bowser, the Switch hacker, has agreed to pay Nintendo for the “rest of his life.”


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Gary Bowser, a member of the notorious squad of Nintendo Switch hackers known as the “Ninja Turtles,” has been released from jail. Nonetheless, he is still obligated to Nintendo for the loan, despite his excellent behaviour discharge.

To review, Bowser worked as a salesman for the Team-Xecuter group, which makes and sells tools for playing pirated games on Nintendo platforms, including the Switch and 3DS. He received a 40-month prison term in February 2022 and was forced to pay $10 million to the Japanese video game system manufacturer in February 2021.

What did he say?

TorrentFreak came across a video interview Nick Moses had with Bowser, in which Bowser said he plans to start paying back that $10 million (out of $14.5 total) in damages soon. He worked off $175 while incarcerated but will still have to send a portion of his salary to Nintendo monthly.

Bowser has stated that the tremendous amount that can be taken is between 25% and 30% of a person’s monthly gross income. Put it another way: “I don’t have to start paying payments for six months.”

To provide some background, it has been stated that Bowser earned $320,000 while employed by Team-Xecuter. The second guy detained alongside Bowser is French national and suspected group leader Max Louarn, who reportedly generated millions in money for the organization. As of this writing, Louarn has not been extradited to the United States to face criminal accusations.

Bowser must earn $40 million before taxes to repay his obligation to Nintendo in full. The media has done the arithmetic, and it looks that Bowser, now 53 years old, will be paying Nintendo for the rest of his life.

Wrapping Up

The company has previously shown no reluctance to pursue legal action against people who illegally distribute or otherwise violate its intellectual property. Bowser’s current predicament serves as a sobering reminder of console manufacturers and publishers’ enormous influence and how they’ve used it with the American legal system.

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