Florida Boy 11 Dies Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Spraining The Ankle On The Treadmill: Reports


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An 11 years old “miracle child” has died after a seemingly benign sprained ankle he suffered while running on a treadmill led to a flesh-eating infection.

Jesse brown’s leg was covered in spots, purple, red, almost like bruises a few days after he injured his ankle and possibly scratched it while exercising a few weeks ago, his cousin Megan Brown told Fox 35 on Wednesday. He was rushed to intensive care and diagnosed with a group A streptococcal infection, which later turned into a flesh-eating bacteria, the news station reported. This shocking development caused the boy’s brain to swell and kill him. They said because he sprained his ankle, it’s likely the infection got him because it was a week ago Megan Brown told the agency.

Jesse was born after his parents struggled to conceive for 10 years, with the family deeming him their miracle child- reported WESH. He has competed in both BMX and motocross competitions and has been described as an old soul according to Brown. He was such an old soul. Like everyone was like, He’s such a tiny adult like in this tiny little body you know? Brown told WESH.

Alan Cross an infectious disease specialist at the University of Maryland Medical Center told the newsgroup that a streptococcus can cause a very quick infection that can turn it into a toxin. These types of infections can form in children and adults from scratches to larger wounds, he explained. The key point here is to first properly clean the wound and then be able to observe it over time Cross said.

Jesse was wearing a boot for the ankle injury, and his family didn’t realize quickly enough the problem was brewing, WESH reported. I just thought about Bebe, her mom because she’s my favourite and my heart really broke for her, Brown said. The boy’s elementary school where he was in fifth grade has started a fundraiser in his memory. While Jesse was a miracle to his parents and family, he was also a true blessing to his Lakemont family, wrote Lakemont Elementary School. Jesse was kind and compassionate caring adventurous and truly an amazing friend and classmate.

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