Leilo: America’s First Creator Of Non-Alcoholic Kava Drinks


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The food and beverage industry has always appealed to startups, especially in the US market, where many opportunities exist. People living there are always thrilled to explore new products, shops, and other business areas related to the food and beverage industry, which is one of the reasons startups don’t struggle much with market penetration. Over the years, many brands and businesses have emerged with innovative and unique offerings. But Leilo has hit all the spots correctly, whether it is the innovation in its products or the proposed brand growth.

Leilo: The First Company To Offer Ready-to-drink Kava

Leilo started its journey in the food and beverage industry back in 2019 when Sol, its founder, travelled to Fiji and discovered the power and demand of Kava. With a local villager, Benji, Leilo finally introduced a ready-to-go Kava drink that is the best substitute for alcohol and Kratom. While the drink is served at many Kava bars and restaurants, there isn’t a place where one can get canned drinks. Besides, visiting the bars is not always convenient just to have a Kava drink.

So, it is evident that Leilo has not only brought forth a product that no one would have ever predicted, but it has also mediated several problems that existed with the regular Kava bars and restaurants. Whether grabbing a Leilo drink from the fridge before going out or enjoying the drink on a rainy day, the brand has ticked all the checkboxes perfectly.

What Makes Leilo’s Drinks Different And Unique From Others?

After years of research, Leilo has acquired FDA approval for its Kava drinks. But that is not the only reason defining the brand’s faster growth and the demand it has created in the food and beverage marketing of the USA. Rather, Leilo focused on the audience’s demands of having an energy drink with mind-relaxing effects, a calming sensation, and minimal health risks.

  1. The drinks contain a specialized Vitamin B12, and L-theanine blend to promote relaxation and calming effects.
  2. Only the root extract is added to the drinks to make Leilo’s claim of producing a calming drink more reliable and believable.
  3. With no gluten or added GMO compounds, the Kava drinks and shots from Leilo have passed all the clinical trials in one go, proving the absence of any health effects.

Latest News About Kava Drinks

From Where Does Leilo Get The Funding?

Leilo has witnessed several problems as a startup company, especially with the economy. But the fund flow has become more stable and consistent thanks to Seaside Ventures. Located in Austin, Texas, Seaside Ventures is one of the most popular investors that helps startups to grow and roll out their products and business offerings much faster. However, in October 2022, Fiji Kava acquired Leilo, further triggering the brand image in the market.

Leilo: A Novel But Promising Brand Focusing On Globalizing Kava

Leilo is not just another company offering canned drinks through its online website. Instead, it has focused on globalizing Kava and harnessing everything this South-American ingredient has to offer. It has included two product categories, Kava drinks and shots, with different flavours to meet the growing customer demands and maintain the product flow. Furthermore, with Seaside Ventures and Fiji Kava by its side, Leilo is definitely planning to release more product categories with Kava as the star ingredient.

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