End Of Free Twitter Blue Tick: Musk Keeps His Promise And Removes Old Verified Ones


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The social network removes the verified user mark from all those accounts that had previously inherited the badge and do not pay for Blue.

After several notices and missed deadlines, Twitter has begun to remove the blue verification from the account to those users who had it inherited and did not pay for it. An order that is executed almost 20 days after Elon Musk announced it last March.

From now on, verified Twitter accounts will only be those that have paid for such a badge, be it personal or business, which will provide them with a series of additional functionalities. Last March the price to get the emblem was 8 euros per month. However now that option has disappeared and the cheapest is 9.68 euros per month or 101.64 euros per year.

In the case of organizations and companies that want to have their account verified, Twitter has launched a different form in which to apply for it. This will allow you to have the official support of your account as well as the rest of the associated accounts. In this case, you will have to pay 950 euros per month for the main account and 50 euros more for each affiliate account. Verified companies will be marked by the gold badge, government accounts will be grey.

The advantages of Twitter Blue

Among the advantages of Twitter Blue, in addition to the verification of the account itself, are the ability to edit tweets already sent, write messages of up to 4,000 words, upload video in better quality (1080p) and longer, have a reading mode, custom navigation, a folder of saved items, the ability to star articles or display an NFT as a profile picture.

However, the social network has announced a series of features that will alter the visibility and operation of Twitter, which will give users who pay for verification a better user experience and more relevance.

Users who pay for Twitter Blue will have priority in responses, mentions and searches, that is, their messages will go out before others. In addition, these users will receive 50% less advertising, so it is not clear if they will see their current exposure reduced or if Twitter will double the number of ads for those users who do not want to pay each month.

Twitter, a total app?

In the midst of the controversy that constantly surrounds Twitter. The great change that has come to the social network has been legal. The company has ceased to be Twitter Inc. to become X Corp., a ruse that may well serve Musk to clear up certain responsibilities and legal commitments, as it allows him to lay the first stone of his master plan: X, an app for all.

X Corp would be the reunification of the three initial Holdings in a single company that signs with X. Elon Musk’s intention, which he has stated for a long time and in response to some Twitter users, would be to unify all the companies that Musk owns under the parent company called X Holdings Corp.

The choice of the X is not accidental, since it is a letter that has accompanied the businessman since his beginnings in the sector from the X.com domain, the seed of PayPal, his first success on the internet.

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