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Emanuela Pecchai is promptly known as the wife of the globally renowned Thoracic Surgeon, medical researcher, and Swiss conman, Paolo Macchiarini. Paolo has always been a highlight of a dozen controversies. And today, we are here to talk about his wife, Emanuela Pecchai, or Mrs. Macchiarini, and everything about her. Scroll down to find out!

Who is Mrs. Macchiarini?

Who is Paolo Macchiarini’s real wife? People often wonder this question, as Emanuela Pecchai, wife of Paolo Macchiarini prefers living a quiet life and there isn’t much information available on her. She received enormous fame and came under the spotlight since her marriage to the prominent Italian Thoracic Surgeon, although she does try to stay away from the limelight as much as possible. Speaking more evidently, Emanuela is a celebrity wife and belongs to a well-known Italian family.

Her husband, Paolo was counted among the world-class Thoracic surgeons and medical researchers, however, he got convicted of causing felony bodily injuries to a patient of his, because of negligence and another case happened, where he was charged with assault during two surgeries. Macchiarini is now famous as a conman and besides being a medical practitioner and a researcher, he has turned into a fraudster.

The couple is originally from Italy, however, they had to move to Spain after Paolo was found not guilty of aggravated assault in 2022. Since then, they have been living in Spain. Paola travels a lot because of his profession and legal issues, and Emanuela usually stays home. She prefers staying away from the public eye and hasn’t shared much of her life with others.

She hasn’t revealed her exact age or date of birth, but looking at her pictures and with her husband from whom she looks quite young, Emanuela might be in her mid-forties. But it still is a guess.

Emanuela Pecchia Biography

Emanuela Pecchai is an Italian citizen, popularly known as a celebrity wife. Emanuela Pecchai’s age is around 40, and as we mentioned above, Mrs. Macchiarini prefers keeping her life private, away from all the fame and glory. And that being said, there isn’t much information about her, her family, and her early life available on the Internet.

But we do know that she was born and raised in an Italian family, but not much information about her family or parents is available.

She got married to a famous Italian surgeon, Paolo Macchiarini, young, and has been together for 30 years. She gained the spotlight when she married Paola but she tries her best to stay away. She refers to staying home, as her husband Paolo travels a lot in and out of USA and Italy.

Education Qualifications

Born and raised in Italy, Emanuela Pecchai completed her education in Italy. She graduated high school with pretty good grades and remarks. She went to a local high school in her hometown and graduated. For further studies, Emanuela went to the USA to study in one of its State universities where she earned a bachelor’s degree.

Emanuela Pecchia Relationship

Emanuela Pecchai has been married to Paolo Macchiarini in Italy and the couple has been together for around 30 years, though just like other married couples, Emanuela and Paolo also had their ups and downs.

According to some sources, Paolo had an affair with NBC’s Benita Alexandra during his marriage with Emanuela Pecchai, but she didn’t have any idea about it. The matter went so far that Paolo even got engaged to Benita without telling anything about it to his wife. However, Benita found out that Paolo is married to Emanuela, and she called off the engagement with Paolo, just two months prior to their wedding. When Emanuela found out, the consequences could have been very different but she chose to remain together with her husband.

Although the couple does not get to spend much time together as Paolo travels a lot to USA and Italy because of his profession and legal issues, while his wife, Emanuela Pecchai stays home with their beautiful children.

Emanuela Pecchia Career

As there is so little information and updates available about Emanuela Pecchai, the same goes for her career and professional life as well.

We do know she has a bachelor’s degree from a state university in the USA but there is no information about her working anywhere. In other words, we can say that Emanuela is probably a housewife and she also prefers staying at home taking care of her children as her husband, Paolo, travels for work.

Although, some Netizens suggest that Emanuela Pecchai used to be a model in her young days. And even though pieces of information regarding her career aren’t pretty clear, Emanuela Pecchai is pretty popular and wealthy as well.

Emanuela Pecchai Net Worth

Based on the information and updates available about Emanuela Pecchai, it’s probably right that she is a homemaker and keeps her private life to herself as children are for her children while her husband travels for work. Still, as a celebrity wife, Emanuela Pecchai is quite wealthy.

Emanuela Pecchai’s net worth is estimated to be around 4-5 million dollars. Her net worth is shared with her husband, Paolo. She leads a luxurious lifestyle and lives an affluent and private life as she likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Paolo Macchiarini, the real wife?

The prominent Italian surgeon and medical researcher, Paolo Macchiarini is married to Emanuela Pecchai, who is a homemaker. The couple has been married for 30 years now and has adorable children together.

Where was Emanuela Pecchai born?

Emanuela Pecchai is an Italian citizen as she was born and raised in Italy by an Italian family.

How many children do Emanuela and Paolo have?

Emanuela Pecchai and Paolo Macchiarini have two very adorable children. Paolo has three children from his previous marriage.

What is Emanuela Pecchai’s net worth?

Although there is no mention of Emanuela Pecchai’s occupation anywhere over the internet, according to sources, she is probably a housewife. But based on her husband’s enormous wealth, Emanuela Pecchai’s net worth is estimated to be around 4-5 million dollars, which she shares with her husband.

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