Empowering The Masses On Their Financial Future: Dr. Sammy Arogundade


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We recently came across a feature interview of Dr. Sammy Arogundade, Founder and CEO of Royalty Traders and CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain, where he talked about his journey and experience. We were amazed by his story and words that we had to learn more. We got to know that he was born in the suburbs of Lagos, Nigeria. His incredible journey highlights resilience and vision for proving oneself and strengthening the position paramount for a successful career.

Dr. Sammy Arogundade grew up in the challenging environment of Lagos’ slums, surrounded by adversities. Right from a young age, he displayed an innate entrepreneurial spirit and a keen interest in the business and finance industry, despite facing all the challenges. He started early in gaming practical knowledge, helping his parents at their modest shop and menial local market jobs; he honed his skills in financial management and developed a knack for identifying profitable opportunities. We also got a chance to have a close look at all the obstacles Dr. Sammy Arogundade had to go through starting from an early age through different sources.

Despite all such adversities, he never compromised regarding education and was dedicated to adhering to the same. Dr. Sammy Arogundade pursued higher studies making him a right fit for fulfilling his aim. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Estate Management and Valuation (BSC), a Master of Business Administration and Management (MBA), a Doctorate in Business Administration and Management (DBA), and prestigious certifications such as Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, and Fellow, International Management Consultant (FIMC). All these educational degrees made his base quite strong and aided in setting a successful journey in the competitive market.

After completing his education and gaining an in-depth knowledge of business and financial aspects, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. He started investing in promising startups to support and guide upcoming entrepreneurs. However, his long journey of 16 years in the financial market began in 2007 when he started trading currency pairs. To further expand his knowledge of this industry, he started with stock market trading in 2010. And in 2015, he took a step ahead by entering the Blockchain space. With all these ideas and knowledge, he has developed an extensive understanding of the dynamic financial space and how it functions.

Another worth-mentioning step Dr. Sammy Arogundade took in 2014 was making a significant investment in Unitsky String Technologies, a company whose idea seemed ambitious on paper. This bold decision was due to his keen eye for potential, which he found in the startup, while others doubted the similar. With exceptional proficiency, Dr. Arogundade and his competent team have successfully secured substantial investments for Unitsky String Technologies. And all this was achieved via seminars, conferences, pitch decks, and webinars prepared by the company for potential investors. Dr. Arogundade proudly stands as the fourth top investor of Unitsky String Technologies, which has emerged as one of the pioneering forces in the industry.

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But his success came with specific unavoidable challenges in the investment journey due to the low liquidity rates of his assets. This led him to the passion of starting his platform, Royalty Traders. Ge built this platform to educate users about finances and solve their liquidity issues, thus having control of their financial future. Dr. Sammy Arogundade made sure to include extensive services for the users, including pre-IPO investment opportunities, Elite Club premium access membership, e-books, audiobooks, multimedia content, and token rewards to incentivize user engagement and learning. And he did not stop there! He created CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain, an ingenious technology combining intelligent contracts, consensus mechanisms, and token economies to enable various use cases and applications.

While establishing himself in the Blockchain space, Dr. Arogundade faced notable challenges ranging from issues of funding, uncertain regulations, technical complexity, and scalability issues to concerns about security. But with the joint efforts of his entire team, their brand has managed to stand as a leader in the Blockchain industry. Both his businesses are currently exploring collaboration and funds from angel investors and venture capital firms through pre-seed and series rounds. This highlights how Dr. Arogundade is dedicated to the development of his companies.

To sum up, we can reflect on Dr. Sammy Arogundade’s journey to the present position, which is incredible and inspiring to everyone considering starting on a similar path. He has been successful in spreading financial literacy and visions for empowering others. Dr. Sammy Arogundade’s ambitious approach in empowering others in their financial journey is truly amazing and pushes others forward in achieving their financial goals. His passion for innovative steps and commitment to education will leave a positive impact behind in the dynamic economic space, leading future generations to achieve their goals and succeed in this industry.

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