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Do you know about Colin Walsh? He is the founder and CEO of Varo Bank, the first consumer fintech to be granted a bank charter in US history. Colin aims to find Varo Bank for those who need to build a better future regardless of their financial situation. From the ground up, he led the team responsible for building the bank to meet the specific needs of today’s customers. According to Inc 5000, Varo was ranked No. 7 on the list of fastest-growing companies for 2021 and by Forbes as one of the World’s Best Banks in 2022.

Some Information About Varo

As the first all-digital U.S. consumer bank with a national bank charter, Varo is an FDIC-insured digital bank. Besides checking and savings accounts, loans, debit and credit cards, and budgeting tools such as alerts, spending insights, and savings goals, the company also provides a full range of banking services. Its mission has been to offer an alternative to incumbent consumer banks, which it considers to have misaligned incentives and an economic model. With it, consumers can access essential services, such as fast and inexpensive payments, help build credit and access credit, and create a real sense of ownership.

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