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Porn actor Ron Jeremy is one of the famous and hardworking stars of adult films because he gave the industry more than 40 years of his life. For this name, the artist was included in the Guinness Book of Records, and the number of fans continues to grow, despite the high-profile scandal with his participation.

Childhood And Youth

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt was born in Queens (a village in New York) on March 12, 1953, to a middle-class Jewish family. His father worked as a physicist, and his mother worked as a book editor. During World War II, fluency in German and French allowed her to serve in the Office of Strategic Services.

In an article about Jeremy’s rules of life, published in Esquire magazine, he admitted that the whole family participated in the wars in one way or another. Following his death in battle, the cousin was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and the medal “For Courage”. During those days, Jews could not rise above the rank of private unless they converted to Christianity. Under the cross, his body was laid to rest but later reburied under the Star of David.

His parents, who came from the middle class, gave Ronald a decent education. He attended Cardozo High School, then entered Queens College, graduating from the theatre department, first as a bachelor, then as a master. He took up teaching instead of going on stage right away. Jeremy called this method of making money an “ace in the hole.”


In the mid-1970s, Ron left his career as an acting teacher in favor of Broadway, but it was not easy to get into the theatre stage. The future porn star was not allowed to stay without work with his girlfriend. She sent a photo of Jeremy to Playgirl magazine, and the editors approved the American candidacy. This moment became a key moment in the biography of the actor.

At first, the performer did not use a pseudonym, and his pictures were published in the publication under his real name. For this, he paid dearly, because, in the telephone book as R. Hyatt, grandmother Rosa was recorded. For days on end, she was pestered by gays who wanted to meet an attractive young man. As a result, the father of the star said that he could do anything, but at the same time not defame the family name. Ron Jeremy soon entered the industry.

Even after Hyatt began posing for the magazine, he did not give up hope of becoming a professional actor. Once the performer went to a familiar director, but he said that he could only offer a role in an adult film. Ron called it too dirty and got a job in the theatre. The salary was so small that Jeremy was starving and eventually decided to accept the offer.

At first, the actor was embarrassed, because he was forced to work with professionals in his field. But over time, the debutant got involved in the process and even began to enjoy the filming process. According to the celebrity, in the past films for adults were much more interesting, because they had a plot and a script, and acting skills mattered.

Over the years of his career in the industry, Ron has become the record holder for the number of videos on which he worked not only as an actor but also as a director. He was ranked #1 on AVN’s list of the greatest porn stars and has starred in films with leading actresses including Samantha Fox and Daniela Rush.

But, despite the fame that fell upon him, Jeremy remained one of the few who managed to survive the heyday of the industry without consequences. He did not have a nervous breakdown, drug or alcohol addiction, or the fight against AIDS.

Already a star, the actor managed to realize the dream of acting in feature films. In addition, he managed to work as a consultant on the site of the erotic melodrama Nine and a Half Weeks with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. Ron helped the performers behave properly in the frame and look sexy.

In 1996, Jeremy appeared in the horror film They Bite, where he played the creator of the Invasion of the Fishfuckers film about sea creatures that come ashore to mate with people. A year later, Ron took up a job as a consultant again for Boogie Night, about porn director Jack Horner, who one day meets a young, full-bodied guy in a bar – the future Dirk Diggler, an adult film star. The character is based on the story of John Holmes, Hyatt’s colleague, who died of AIDS at 43.

The artist’s filmography includes the thriller The Boondock Saints and the cult film Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey. He also played a protesting porn actor in the action movie Adrenaline 2: High Voltage. Moreover, it was not originally planned that Ron would appear in the film, but he decided that he had not received an invitation, and he himself appeared on the site. As a result, his monologue was an improvisation.

But even being in demand in a big movie, Jeremy did not say goodbye to the industry, because he is a fan of his work. The actor continued acting even after 50 and once said that he would retire only if he lost his manhood.

Personal Life

Ron has never been deprived of female attention, but he did not dare to tie the knot. The performer believes that emotional monogamy is not a problem for him, but physical diversity is required. He never met a woman who was ready to accept it. The star also has no children, although once he tried to conceive an heir for 6 months, the efforts did not work.

In 2013, Jeremy discovered health problems. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with chest pain. Doctors discovered the actor had a heart aneurysm. The next day, the American lay down on the operating table, and after 3 weeks he left the hospital.

Ron Jeremy Now

In August 2021, the celebrity was finally charged with 34 criminal cases. The actor refused to plead guilty and remained under arrest until October 12. On that day, a pre-trial hearing was held. Now fans of Ron are closely following the progress of the investigation. Many of them doubt Jeremy’s guilt and hope that he can go free.

Interesting Facts

  • In the past, Ron founded the New Star Production studio, where he created his own films for adults.
  • Jeremy became famous under the nickname Hedgehog, which he received in 1979. He got very cold on the way to the set, and when he took a hot shower, his skin turned pink, and all the hair on his body stood on end. Then William Margold, a colleague in the craft, compared the actor to a hedgehog.
  • In 2001, a documentary about the performer, Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, was released. The film includes excerpts from home family videos and interviews with parents and friends. Later, the artist released a book about himself, The Hardest Man in Showbiz.
  • Hyatt has repeatedly starred in music videos, he was invited by Moby, LMFAO, and Guns N’ Roses. But the most memorable video featuring Ronald is a parody of Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball from blogger Bart Baker.

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