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What’s Bam Margera’s net worth? How rich is Bam Margera? How much does Bam Margera earn? People often search for these questions over the internet, as Bam Margera is quite a prominent name in Hollywood as an Actor, Producer, stuntman, and former professional skater. He gained prominence for his skateboarding skills in the late 1990s when his amateur skateboarding videos went viral. Eyeing his amazing skills, Jeff Tremaine hired him in the popular MTV series, titled “Jackass.” Soon, Bam became one of the most beloved cast members. From there on, his career took a whole new flight and he began appearing in more shows, such as “Bam’s Unholy Union,” and “Viva La Bam” which presented Bam’s life and adventures.

Today, we are here to talk about Bam Margera’s net worth, along with his biography, career, wealth, assets, and more.

Real Name: Brandon Cole Margera

Nickname: Bam Margera

Born: September 28, 1979

Place of birth: West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

Age: 43 years

Height: 5 ft 8 in (175 cm)

Weight: 115 kg (253 lbs)

Parents: Phil Margera (father) and April Margera (mother)

Sibling: Jess Margera

School: West Chester High School

Nationality: American

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight Male

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Missy Rothstein (married 2007-2012), Nicole Boyd (married since 2013)

Children: Phoenix Wolf Margera

Profession: Skateboarder, Stuntman, Actor, Filmmaker

Annual Income: $6 million+

Net worth: $55 million

Bam Margera’s Biography and Early Life

Bam Margera, originally known as Brandon Cole Margera was born on September 28th, 1979 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The nickname, ‘Bam’ was given by his grandfather who used to call him Bam-Bam as he often ran himself into the wall. However, as his classmates started calling him ‘Bam’ the nickname shortened.

Bam Margera completed his primary education at West Chester East High School, Pennsylvania and for further studies, he went to University however he later dropped out after the first year. He grew interested in skateboarding and stunts from a very young age. He also used to record stunt videos with his friends.

Bam struggled a lot with drug addiction and alcoholism in his life. He has been in and out of rehab plenty of times over the years. In 2019, his family became concerned about his mental health so they involuntarily admitted him to a rehabilitation center.

Personal Life

Bam Margera was engaged to Jenn Rivell, whom he worked with in his early projects. The couple was together for seven years but it ended in 2005. Later the next year, in 2006, Bam got engaged to his childhood friend, Melissa Rothstein. Their wedding preparations and the entire ceremony were documented by the MTV series, “Bam’s Unholy Union.” However, the couple got divorced in November 2012.

Bam tied the knot with Nicole Boyd in a beautiful ceremony in Iceland, on October 5th, 2013. The couple gave birth to a beautiful son in December 2017.

Bam Margera’s Career and Professional Life

Bam Margera grew interested in skateboarding very young when his older brother, Jess Margera played the drums. They combined the two and began making skating, stunt, and sketch videos, under the acronym CYK. Later on, Bam’s friends also joined the crew, including his best friend.

Soon they gained recognition and their DVD series sold more than 400k copies, all around. It started through the Skateboard Community which later through people’s mouths.

Bam was then discovered by skateboarding magazine Big Brother’s editor, Jeff Tremaine, and landed a position in the MTV stunt-oriented show, titled “Jackass,” in 2000. Bam was cast alongside Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville. There, Bam became one of the most beloved cast members. However, the series ended after two seasons.

After that, he also starred in a few spin-off series, such as “Bam’s Unholy Union,” and “Viva La Bam,” which documented different events of his life along with his family and friends.

He has established himself quite well within the industry through numerous television show appearances and film appearances. He was also featured in several video games, such as Tony Hawk’s Game Franchise.

Bam Margera’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Bam Margera’s net worth is estimated to be around $55 million.

In the field of Skateboarding and Stunts, Bam Margera is known to be one of the legends. Apart from that, he also performed in several television shows and films. He is also a very successful filmmaker and producer.

Bam has come a long way through, as he started by making skateboarding and stunt videos with a bunch of his friends, and from there, he made himself the most successful and prominent American skateboarder and stuntman. Bam earns quite well through brand endorsements, as for just wearing brand elements, he earns up to 2 million dollars. And his annual salary is approximately 6 million dollars.

Real Estate Assets

In 2004, when Bam Margera moved to one of the posh areas of West Chester, Pennsylvania, he bought a house worth 1.19 million dollars. The property comprised 14 acres of land, with an indoor skatepark, a barn with a music stage, a swimming pool, and a BMX track. It was a legendary property named “Castle Bam” which was originally built in 1985 comprising five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

In 2018, Bam’s mother April decided to renovate the house so that it could be rented out as an Airbnb. In the same year, Bam threw a house party with an open invitation with a covered charge of 40 dollars.

Car Collection

The phenomenal personality, Bam Margera has a splendid car collection with a handful of cars. Some of the cars from his exotic and expensive collections are Lamborghini Aventador, Range Rover and Porsche 911.

Bam Margera’s Net Worth 2022

As of last year, in 2022, Bam Margera’s net worth was estimated to be around $49 million, which has increased this year, in 2023 as it has reached $55 million.

Bam Margera’s Net Worth 2021

As of 2021, Bam Margera’s net worth was estimated to be around $43 million.

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