8 Things You Should Know About Nazim Salur


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Founder and CEO of one of the leading rapid delivery service providers, Getir, has quite a prominence within the industry. His company, Getir is known for offering on-demand delivery and distributes more than 1,500 delivery items within minutes every day, regardless of whether it’s a day hour or night.

Nazim’s Getir holds a well-established status in Turkey, but as it moves to become a super-app, it has been launched in London with the intent to explore and expand to further European and the US. And for this expansion, the company has successfully raised over $1 billion from Mike Moritz, Sequoia, Mubadala, Tiger Global, Silver Lake, and others.

Besides Getir, Nazim Salur also owns BiTaksi which he launched before Getir, in 2012 as his first tech startup. He engages himself in many other ventures as well, as he moves forward. Despite being such a successful entrepreneur, people know very few things about Nazim Sular. And today, we are here to talk about those unknown things that you should know about Nazim Sular. So, let’s get started!

Getir’s Expansion to Europe

Do you know Nazim’s Getir is on its way to becoming a super-app? And for that, they are planning to expand the company to Europe and the US. Nazim has already started as he launched his rapid delivery service in London, England in collaboration with Michael Moritz. Financial Times even published an article on this matter, stating that this collaboration has led to the introduction of a delivery system that offers easy and quick access to general household items including groceries, baby products, hygiene products, pet food, and other daily essentials.

Nazim’s company has also raised a total of $128 million from the investors that would come into utilization for this expansion of Getir to London. As he launched the company, currently he is focusing on competing with local startups that offer the same delivery service to the consumers and are already established there.

Nazim’s Getir listed among Turkey’s Unicorn Startups

With a total valuation of 2.6 billion dollars, Nazim Salur’s company, Getir has been listed among the earliest unicorn startups in Turkey. Companies that have passed the revenue mark of one billion dollars are called ‘unicorn startups.’

And as Getir made the list, the main credit goes to the hard work, determination, guidance, and commitment of Nazim Salur, who established the company in 2012.

‘Nazim Salur’ the Serial Entrepreneur

Nazim Salur has been an entrepreneur for more than two decades now, can you believe this? Before he founded Getir, he had already launched a taxi-hailing-based app, known as BiTakshi. Salur was the CEO of the company and just like Getir, it is also based in Turkey. He launched BiTakshi two years prior to Getir, in 2013. And as in 2015, when he launched Getir, it was proved that Salur has been working to resolve temporary issues in society with the help of modern innovations such as mobile applications.

Apart from these two, Nazim Salur has also launched an international company offering the sale of used industrial plants via brokering, and a furniture production company as well.

Graduate with A Business Administration Degree

Do you know Nazim Salur has a professional degree in business administration? Well, yes he graduated from Bogaziçi University, Turkey with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. It has also been mentioned in his LinkedIn profile that after studying for six years at Bogaziçi University, he graduated in 1986.

After he graduated, he invested his time and effort into learning entrepreneurship and gaining experience by working in different companies in different industries. He always had an interest in business, therefore he went on to pursue a business administration degree. And that was the foundation for his business ventures.

Getir’s first warehouse belonged to an Old Florist

When Nazim Salur launched the company, Getir with his co-founders, they did not start on a large scale as they didn’t have the resources. So, the company started in a warehouse that belonged to an old florist, on a rental basis. As Getir moved forward, they moved to utilize the space in other people’s workplaces by renting the area so that they can provide quality services to their customers.

And even with the company Kickstarter, Nazim didn’t prioritize buying an office first, instead, he used the revenue to fund more important things that would help in the growth of his company. And they came up with an alternative plan for the workplace by renting people’s office spaces. This shows how dedicated Salur and his colleagues were to establishing the company.

Nazim introduced payment through credit cards in Taxi

Nazim Salur is the mastermind who introduced the payment method through credit cards in the taxi business in Texas. This way, customers taking the taxi would have the option to either pay using cash, credit cards, or online banking systems. This brings the customers the diversity of various payment options so, in emergency cases, when the customers do not have any cash with them, they can still reach their destination despite not having cash.

Nazim believes in the Economic growth of Turkey

As an established entrepreneur in Turkey, Nazim Salur believes that his country, Turkey, has great opportunities in the international market and works on promoting its economic growth. During an interview on the Birnoktabir YouTube channel, Nazim shared that he expects many more success stories from Turkey, in the near future. And this will put Turkey on an investing map. He also encouraged other entrepreneurs and founders of prominent companies to invest in the ecosystem to fund more rising startups.

Salur’s Getir is based on writing good code

During Nazim Salur’s interview with Birnoktabir, he shared his story of how he started Getir and how it became a success through ‘writing good code.’ He shared that Getir is based on technological advances, therefore, it collects data, logs everything involved in the product delivery, and then analyzes the collected data to promote the innovation of the company. They also applied machine learning technology for the proper functioning of the system and made itself better with time.

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